Sunday, 12 January 2014

CHITCHAT - A Sunday Summary.

I'm thinking of making this a weekly thing, I'm not sure yet, but like the 'I'm Currently' feature this is just a round up of this week's 'happenings'. I've not been on top of blogging this week, so I just thought it was a way of having a post up....any posts you like to see?

This week I:
Gained myself a qualification - Extended Customer Service Level 1.
Watched a couple of movies - Step Up and The Lazarus Project.
Listened to a bit of - Pink & Bastille.
Read half of - The Hunger Games.
Got obsessed with - Facebook bingo. Candy Crush. Paul Walker.
Decided to - Start healthy eating tomorrow (Monday).

So, to sum up my week in one word: BORING.

This week's posts:

2013's Top Posts #2
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What I Got For Christmas
Laura x

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