Thursday, 12 December 2013

HAIR - Updated Winter Hair Care.

I like Winter, even though it's extremely cold and I wake up in the morning rattling like pennies in a jar. But, it's a fab season for Christmas, snow, presents, family time and just generally for being quite happy. I know Christmas makes me happy. The only problem that I have with Winter is the way that it attacks my hair. I've always had oily hair and eczema on my scalp, but Winter makes it flare up and it's horrible. So, I always make sure that I have some good products set up for the colder seasons to take cake of my hair and scalp.

VO5 Flake Off 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner
I began using this last year to replace the overly expensive Nizoral shampoo. I wasn't expecting much from this because Head & Shoulders never works for me and this smelt the same and promised the same. But to my surprise this shampoo works wonders on my dry scalp. After about 2-3 weeks of using this 2in1, I noticed that my scalp has less dry skin on it and the dandruff resulting from that had diminished quite a lot. So, this is my #1 product to keep my scalp in good condition.

Pantene Pro V Repair & Protect Conditioner
I use this conditioner with the VO5 2in1 because I feel that even though the shampoo works wonders, the conditioner aspect of it doesn't and it leaves my hair feeling quite dry. So I use this conditioner with the 2in1 because it leaves my hair feeling super soft, manageable and it smells gorgeous.

Dove Intensive Repair Conditioning Leave In Spray
This isn't my favourite spray of the set, but I love to use this on my hair after I've shampooed/conditioned as it gives it a tad more conditioning power and helps to detangle my hair. I think having an added bit of moisture on the hair is also a plus in Winter.

Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil.
I use this on the mid-lengths/ends of my hair so that my split ends stay at bay and it really works. It's designed for adding volume to the hair, but I don't use heat on my hair much at this time of year, so I use this also because it gives my hair a bit of a wave. When this is applied and left to dry naturally, it always gives my hair a bit of a curling iron look to it, which is perfect as I hate having straight hair.

This set of hair care products are a bit mis-matched (clearly), but they all 
work great for my hair and leave it feeling great.

What are your top products for Winter hair?
Laura x


  1. I have been using the vo5 straightening line to keep it straight, the cold wind ruins my hair :(

    Danniella x |

    1. Definitely know the feeling! It knackers my hair up :(

      Laura x


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