Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Guest Post on The Beauty Journals.

The lovely Alicia at The Beauty Journals asked me to do a guest post 
on her blog and I thought that I would post it here too. 

(My name is Laura and I have a little blog called Pale Girl Reviews. When Alicia asked me to do a guest post on her lovely blog I jumped at the chance as I'd never done a guest post before and it was really nice of her to even ask me. So thank you, Alicia. I hope this post is worthy)

So....Christmas. It's only three weeks away! Luckily, I've finished! *sigh of relief* I went into town this past weekend and it was chaos, I haven't seen that many people since, well, last Christmas! I'm so thankful that I've finished my shopping! BUT for anyone that's still on the look out for some ideas and are wanting to finish up with some little stocking fillers, I've compiled a little list of gifts from the lovely LUSH. They're all under £20, so they'll not break the bank and they'll definitely have the house smelling wonderful at Christmas!

Snow Fairy 500g Shower Gel - £10.95 (Also available in 100g - £3.50, 200g - £6.85)
Mr Frosty Gift (contains 3 bath bombs) - £12.50
Ponche 500g Shower Gel - £15.45 (Also avaible in 100g - £4.30, 250g - £8.95)
Festive Goodies - £11.50

I think any girl would love to wake up to a lovely little gift from LUSH on Christmas Day, 
so definitely have a gander if you're stuck for ideas!

(So, thank you again, Alicia for this opportunity, I hope I did a good job:)
Laura x

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