Monday, 30 December 2013

2014 Goals List.

Hello 2014! 
I can't believe that it's a whole new year, where did 2013 go? For me 2013 was neither good nor bad. It was just a neutral year for me. I'm hoping that 2014 is a better year to me and that it's one that I will remember! So to help this year be good, I've written down some of my goals for the year and I hope that I manage to complete at least half of'd be good to look back on feel accomplished.

The THREE biggies:
Get a job. Learn to drive. Lose weight.

One. I'm hoping that this year will be the year where I finally get myself a proper, 
permanent job. I've been unemployed, practically, since I left college in 2010, so
i'm desperate now to find a job. Two. My boyfriend is taking his driving lessons and 
he is SO close to passing his test, it's really making me want to begin taking mine.
So, I'm hoping this year I'll be able to afford to take my own driving lessons. Three. I've
always wanted to get down to a healthier weight, it's been my goal for years now
and I'm hoping 2014 will be my year to slim down a bit, well, a lot.

Cook more/learn to bake. Don't care as much. Be less opinionated. Get back into education. Buy a wardrobe. Cut out chocolate for a month. Read more books. Stop drinking fizzy pop. Try new food. Take more photographs. Have a blog post drafted every day. Go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Drink more water. Get my hair cut more often.

I'll probably add a few more things as the year goes by, but for now these 
are the main things that I'd like to accomplish by this time next year.

What's on your New Year's Goals List?
Laura x


  1. Love this post, I also will be cutting out the chocolate for a month. Ate so much this christmas haha.
    Vicki x

    1. Sadly, I think the chocolate one is going on hold for a week or two. I hardly ate any over Christmas, so I think I'll make up for it this week :)

  2. Great post! It seems like I'm not the only one with chocolate problems,I just can't resist!
    I hope we will survive a month without it!

    1. Ha, I think we will. We are strong women! Hehe, good luck :)


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