Friday, 15 November 2013

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I know I've not been on a lot these past two weeks, but Alex and I just completed our two week 'development' course today, which kinda made us both feel depressed. It's amazing how something that you dread happening actually makes you feel sad when it's over....anyone else get that? Well, we really enjoyed it. The people were lovely and our tutor was fab, a little bit mental, but totally fab! We're even thinking of volunteering for another course and that's saying something for us two. Anyhoo, with being busy for the past few weeks I've not been out buying anything new, so today I've got a lovely little book tag. As someone who enjoys reading - this is perfect.

Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?
Ever since being little I've had an interest in books and reading stories. My earliest memory of reading was when I was about 7 and my parents had bought me these lovely fairytale story books. I read them everyday for about a year and loved them so much. Then when I was in 'little school' I always used to check out the book stand in our class and 'borrow' Judy Moody. I read that book over and over again....funny how I can't even remember it now though. I still adore reading. It takes me a while to get through a book, but I do love delving into the lives of different characters and getting to the end of their story.

Where do you usually read?
Well, I'm one of those people that reads the same line over and over again if there's noise around me or someone's talking, so I prefer to read when I'm in bed or when I'm on a car journey. I read a lot more in the car than I do anywhere else.

Do you prefer to read one book at a time or several at once?
I'm definitely not someone that likes to read more than one book at a time. I like to focus on one book and its characters instead of jumping from one to another.

What is your favourite genre?
Fiction is my favourite. Most of my books are from TV shows. I must own over 100 BTVS, Angel, Supernatural and Charmed books. I love reading books based on TV shows because it's like you're seeing bits of the characters lives you don't get to see in the show. It's fun. Or it is for me, at least. I also like crime novels, they're really great and interesting to read.

Is there a genre you will not read?
I don't like non-fiction. Reading about people's live is just boring. The only autobiography book I got to the end of was Johnny Depp and that was buy skipping the early days and going straight to when he began acting.

Do you have a favourite book?
Not really. I do love some books more than others, but I don't have a definite fave. 

What is your least favourite book?
Probably, The Fault In Our Stars (I hear the gasps!). I didn't hate it, I actually quite liked it, but I felt cheated. Like Hazel, we didn't get a real ending to the book and it really annoyed me. I was turning the page thinking 'is that it?'

What is the longest book you have ever read?
Probably the last few Harry Potters. They were beast books. I still don't understand how people read them in a day, I was still sat there a week later! They are such good books, but so bloody long, which I'm grateful for because we got another movie :D

What was the last book you bought?
I think it was 'Supernatural: The Road's Not Taken'. I've still not completed it. It's confusing.

Do you prefer library books or buying books?
Buying them, which is becoming a problem because I'm running out of space. I keep telling myself I'll start borrowing them from the library, but that just flies out the window within a week. I like to have a book and know that it's mine.

What are you currently reading?
Supernatural: The Roads Not Taken. I was really excited to read it because of the concept that we the readers could choose their destiny and decide where they go. But it's just confusing, so I don't know whether to continue reading it or not.

And...that's where I leave it. If you decide to do this tag, please leave a link below, I'd love to read what you're answers are :)
Laura x

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