Sunday, 3 November 2013

REVIEW - Palmer's Bust Cream & Firming Butter.

Today I am posting about my new body care regime. Usually I am far too lazy to do a body care routine every day. It's boring enough doing a face care routine let alone the whole body. But, I decided that I'd better start now instead of later to give my skin the goodness it deserves.

After reading countless reviews on how good Palmer's products were I headed straight for them on the Feel Unique website and picked up these two products for around £5 each. 

Bust Cream  
As a plus size girl, stretch marks are my absolute enemy and this product promised a lot for my skin. When you're overweight, your boob get a lot more unwanted friends on them then usual, so I wanted to get this to try it out. The formula of this is really thick and creamy and goes on like a treat. It's so easy to apply and sinks into the skin faster than most creams I've used. It also makes my skin feel extremely soft and smooth thanks to the Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Bio C-Elast (exclusive to Palmer's; the Bio C-Elast is a 'powerful' combination of Collagen, Elastin, Centella Asiatic, Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil). All of these ingredients work together to firm, tone and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and I can honestly say it works wonders. It hasn't tightened my bust like it claims, but it has reduced the appearance of my stretch marks and made my skin feel super soft afterwards. 

Firming Butter
I picked up the firming butter because so many people said it worked wonders on their skin and I wanted to test it out for myself. This product was formulated specifically to firm, tighten and tone the skin. Apparently, it's good for when you've lost weight too (good to know!) The combination of Cocoa Butter, Collagen, Elastin and Shea Butter helps to tighten skin elasticity and soften the skins texture along with Ginseng and Vitamin E it also helps to rejuvenate the skin. Also included in the goodness is Co Enzyme Q10, an antioxidant, which helps to smooth and revitalize the skin. I've been using this nightly for three weeks (the pump action makes it even easier to use) and my skin's never felt better. It's soft, smooth and my 'dry' patches are gone. I can honestly say I love this product. Again, I've seen no 'tightening of the skin', but I may not have been using it long enough for it to work, but it doe an amazing job at hydrating the skin and making it feel beautiful!

Both of these products are amazing. I can't praise them anymore. They're the best body moisturisers I've used and I think I'll have to save my pennies to repurchase these when I run out because they are fab!

Have you tried these products?
Laura x


  1. I love these body butters they smell great x

    1. They really do! Definitely my favourite smell after Vanilla/Coconut :) x

  2. I have no personal experience but my brother uses it daily and i literally am obsessed with the smell!
    love victoriajanex

  3. I have been using this about a month am i am feeling change those girls who want to increase bust size palmers bust cream apply 2 cm cream in morning and at nite for three months and see the difference :)


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