Monday, 25 November 2013

HAUL POST - Books & Beauty.

This weekends trip out to Barnsley ended up with me coming home with a little haul of beauty products and books, which were all bought for under £10! Told you I was a bargain hunter :)

I bought the Lindsey Kelk 'I Heart' books from Barnsley market for.....wait for it......£1! 
I've never read the books, but I know some that have and they say that they're really great books. So when I saw the on the market stall I snatched them all up for £1, definite bargain!
Have any of you guys read them?

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 'Light Porcelain' 
I picked this up because I needed a foundation top up and my usual L'Oreal one is too expensive for me right now. This foundation isn't the best that I've used as it's not got the best coverage, but it suits my skin tone perfectly and it's within my budget. Read my review here.

Superdrug Facial Cleansing Wipes
I picked these up because my beloved Simple wipes were £2.99 EACH, which is ridiculous! So, I downgraded to Superdrug's own brand wipes for a mere 99p and I've been quite surprised because they're lovely.

Not much of a haul, but Christmas is on its way!
Has everyone finished their shopping or are you just starting?

Laura x


  1. Amazing picks!:D

  2. Ah the Lindsey Kelk books are awesome! I want her newest one in the series that was released recently :) I'm in love with Alex! xx

    1. Everyone I know says that they're great books, I think I'll have to jump to it asap :)

      Laura x


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