Saturday, 23 November 2013

GIFT IDEAS - Christmas with Sainsbury's Under £20!

For the first time in my life I went into Sainsbury's yesterday and actually bought something. I don't usually like Sainsbury's, but I won a £20 gift card last week and decided to go and get it used. For £20 (and 31 tiny pennies) I managed to buy a little stocking filler(s) for my loved ones, which is a complete bargain! I'm no scrounger at Christmas, I love to give, but I do set myself a budget to make sure I don't go silly and end up broke after the festivities and this gift card just gave me the chance to top up everyone's presents. So for just over £20 you could do the same....but be quick, most of the gift sets are on sale!

The Gillette Men's Giftset was only £4.00. I bought this with my dad & brother in mind because they are forever going through tins of Lynx and even I'm getting sick of it, so for something different. This Dove Beauty Giftset, again, was only £4.00. I bought this with my mum in mind because she deserves some pampering and Dove's always my go to. This Dove Men +Care Giftset was only £4.33! I bought this with my boyfriend in mind because he said he's sick of Lynx being his stocking filler, so here you go dear, something better! These lovely little So....? body sprays were only £2.66! I, personally, love these sprays. They have such a lovely scent to them. I bought these for my mum because she insisted I did. This So....? Rock 'n' Roll Giftset was a mere £2.66 for 3 full tins of the deodorant! What a bargain! I'll be honest and say that I bought these with myself in mind *naughty*  but I think they'll be going to my boyfriend's sister. Finally, this Parfums Love Giftset, again, was only £2.66. I got these once for Christmas and adore the sweetness of them. It's such a lovely scent and I think these will go to my boyfriend's niece. (It beats One flippin' Direction!)

All of these gift sets were under a £5, which is a complete bargain. Right now they are all 1/3 off in Sainbury's, so definitely bob down and bag yourself a few stocking fillers before the sale ends!

What bargains have you been picking up this weekend?
Laura x

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