Tuesday, 1 October 2013

REVIEW - Nivea's Express Hydration Primer.

When it comes to primers I always have an issue with what they promise. They all claim to keep makeup in place all day and keep it looking fresh on until you wipe it off at night, yada yada yada. But up until recently, they've all disappointed me. Even Benefit's primer was a let down for me and a lot of people rave about it....so just goes to show what works for one may not work for another.

Being someone who researches products before buying them, I looked at reviews for Nivea's Express Hydration Primer before I bought it and found that a lot of people were hyping it to the hills and back. So, I found it for the low price of £2.99 in the Body Care shop and popped it into my basket.
As with all primers Nivea promise that this primer, which is enriched with vitamins & natural Lotus Extract, provides an even and smooth base for your makeup to glide on and stay put throughout the day. Unlike some primers though this one claims to also be moisturising for the skin as it uses an effective hydrator for long lasting mosturisation. The consistency of this is a gel, so a little bit of the product goes a looooong way, so this pot will last you for weeks (I've had mine a few months and only half a pot has gone). It also absorbs into the skin fairly quick, too, so it won't keep you hanging around.

I didn't expect much from this primer, to be fair, but I was pleasantly surprised by it after the first use. My makeup normally gets applied around 9am and is left on my face rarely without any touch-ups (maybe a bit of powder) until I go to bed. So it is on my face for around 13 hours (eeew). 

Before this product my makeup would start to fade within around 3 hours and if my face is feeling extra oily (we know how fun that is!), it would start making it slide off within around an hour or so. But after using this primer, it seems to keep my makeup looking good for at least 6-7 hours longer than usual, which is amazing! I feel a lot more relaxed not having to worry about whether my nose is looking patchy or not...so, that being said, I would definitely recommend this primer to you.  It's available for normal/combination skin and also sensitive, so it should be suitable for anyone to use.

If you're out of options for primers, check this one out,
Laura x

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