Thursday, 31 October 2013

REVIEW - Garnier Pure Long-lasting Shine Control Moisturiser.

Today I bring to you my Holy Grail moisturiser. I've been using this for about a month now and it's the best moisturiser I have used in ages. It's amazing. It is Garnier Pure Long-lasting Shine Control Moisturiser. I've used the Garnier Pure range before and loved it (see my post here) so when I saw that they had a moisturiser out I snatched it up there & then.
This lovely product is specifically designed for combination/oily skin and helps to provide shine control to the skin whilst keeping it moisturised. It is formulated with white clay, which helps to soften skin, zinc, which helps to reduce sebum and an anti-bacterial agent (not named) which helps to mattify the skin. This moisturiser helps to keep the skin moisturised throughout the day and leaves the skin oil free. 
The product itself has a gel consistency to it which I think helps it to sink quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling soft, fresh and oil free. It has a slight cucumber smell to it, like all Garnier Pure products, which gives it a really nice clean vibe.

I adore this moisturiser and I adore this brand. It really does mattify the skin and helps keep the sebum at bay during the day. It's definitely a brand that I'll go back to and keep purchasing from. I can't rave about it enough (without sounding mad).

Have you tried this moisturiser? What do you think?
Laura x


  1. I'm on a mission to find the perfect mattifying moisturiser! I'll have to give this one a go!

    1. I know the feeling!
      If this one doesn't work out for you, the Young Skin Matte Moisturiser from Asda is really good (and cheap!)

      Laura x

    2. I've got that one, it is good for the price but I think I've had mine too long now as it's started to smell a bit odd! My fault for always flitting between them!

    3. Haha, no I totally understand. Mind did the same, but for the price, it wasn't breaking the bank to buy a new one :) x


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