Monday, 7 October 2013

REVIEW - Active Cosmetics Glamour Folio Palette.

Today's review features quite a few pictures, so bare with me until they've loaded. This review/photo post is for a Makeup Palette Set by the cosmetic brand 'Active'.
This lovely little set comes in a sleek black casing with a push out drawer and a snazzy little mirror. It contains 54 matte/shimmer eyeshadows, 5 lip glosses, 3 bronzers, 3 pencils and the applying essentials, a sponge, eyeshadow applicators and a (crap) bronzer brush.
The colours in this set are mostly shimmery shadows with about 5 matte colours mixed in between. Although I love the colours in this set they aren't very well pigmented. The above swatch includes 8 of my favourite Autumn colours from the set, but to achieve the above results I had to use a couple of layers to make the colour really come through. But this isn't really an issue for me because they are really lovely colours and are perfect to create any number of looks!
The five lip glosses are pretty typical for a palette set, pretty sticky and not very noticeable when they are on. They aren't really worth bothering with, if I'm honest....

The three bronzers are really nice! I wasn't expecting much from them after the quality of the eyeshadows, but these bronzers are well pigmented and look great on. They might be a little bit too dark for my skin tone, but they're lovely when blended out. The picture doesn't really show them properly though, but the top two have a more matte effect and the bottom is fairly shimmerly, so it should be avoided during the day.
There's also the pencil liners - two eyeliners; one black, one brown and also a pink lip liner. As you can see from the pictures they are pretty typical liners, but for a palette set they are really nice when applied and don't feel cheap (if you know what I mean).
I got this palette last year for Christmas and it's been sat unused in the back of my drawer, but I figured that I'd get it out and get it used before my new palettes arrive thanks to Santa Mum at Christmas! 

If you like the sound of this (I'm not very good at describing things!) then you can pick it up from Fragrance Direct for £7.99! Even if you don't fancy it, it could make a nice for someone you know :)
Laura x

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