Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tag - The One & Only.

Today's post feature's the 'If you could only have one ______, what would it be and why?' tag. I haven't done this tag before and found it wandering around tumblr, so I thought I'd give it a go :) (Excuse the re-used picture)

Primer - I've tried three primers so far and thought they all did a pretty good job. But my favourite out of them all in Nivea's Express Hydration Primer. As it is for oily/combination skin it works great for me.

Concealer - I used to think MUA's Stick Concealer was the best one I'd tried, but now I'd have to go with Clinique's Concealer as it hides my dark circles better than anything I'd tried before.

Powder - A week ago I would have told you that Natural Collection's Pressed Powder was my favourite, but I recently bought the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and looooooove it. So I'll have to pick that one.

Blush - I haven't been wearing much blusher lately, but if I had to pick my favourite I'd have to go with MUA's Blusher in 'Cupcake', it's such a pretty, soft pink colour and it looks lovely on.
Bronzer - I'm not really a bronzer fan, to be honest. If I do add a bit of bronzer I use Dainty Doll's Blusher in 'Money Talks' as it is too dark for me as a blusher.

Highlighter - I don't use a highlighter. It always goes wrong on me.....

Make-Up Brush - Don't throw eggs at me, but I don't really own many brushers and the ones I do own are just run-of-the-mill make-up brushers. There's no Real Techniques brushes over here. I suppose I'd just say the one that I use for my foundation.....sadly, it has no name.

Eyebrow Product - Since I'm a blogger who doesn't own an eyebrow kit/palette, my trusty MUA eyebrow pencil is my go to. It works really well and the little brush works great to even it out and give it a softer look.

Eyeshadow (Single) - Ooooh, my favourite eyeshadow is in an old Elysee palette that I own. It doesn't have a name, but it a lovely deep pink/brown colour.

Eyeliner - Since me and my Collection 2000 one fell out a few weeks back, I'd fallen in love with one by a brand called Manhattan. It's a really dark liquid liner, which makes my eyes look amazing. 

Mascara - My favourite go-to mascara for the past few months has been Benefit's 'Bad Gal'. I know a lot of people love their 'They're Real', but 'Bad Gal' worked a lot better for me and I adore it. Sadly, for me though my little tube is on it's way out, so it looks like saving up my pennies for a new one!

Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Stain - Rimmel's Moisture Renew in 'Notting Hill Nude' is my favourite. I'm not much of a lipstick person, but that is my all time fave.

Lip Liner - I don't wear lip liner. I don't really like it because my lips are quite big anyway.....

Lip Balm - Nivea's Soft Rose Lip Balm is the best thing I've used on my lips. It is a life-saver in Winter! I apply this every night before bed to keep my lips looking and feeling soft.

Nail Polish - I have so many nail polishes, it's quite hard to the mo, my favourite is a colour changing nail polish. I can't think of the brand names though. The polish looks pink in the bottle, but changes with the temperature of your hands. If you're cold they go dark pink, if you're warm they go a nice peachy colour. They're really great.

Perfume - If you've read my blog in the past you will know that I have quite an extensive perfume collection and I switch from one to the other each week. My favourite perfume though would have to be 'Radiance' by Britney Spears'.

What's your favourite?
Laura x

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