Saturday, 7 September 2013

All About The Nails - 'Pretty Perfect' Nail Haul.

Today's post is a little haul of some nail products from.....*drum roll*.....the pound shop! I've actually used this brand before and was pleasantly surprised by it, so when I saw that they had some new bits in, I couldn't resist (I'm a beauty blogger, what d'you expect?)
This little haul includes:

A Nail Polish Corrector Pen
I had one of these pens sent over to me by a friend, but it recently ran out and when I saw this I thought 'Bargain!' and popped it into my basket. I've since used this and it's brilliant. It rubs away any over spills on the nail/cuticles really easy and it doesn't require anything added to it or it to work. 

Twist and Out
This is a portable little nail polish remover (a dupe of Boujois?). Inside it there is a sponge soaked in remover, which rubs away nail polish within just a few seconds. Just pop your finger in, jiggle it about and whip it back out and the nail polish is gone! It's a great alternative to a bottle of remover.

Nail Drying Spray
I've used this before and even though I like it, I won't praise it too much as it doesn't work as quick as it says it does. After I've painted my nails, I give them a quick spray with this and they dry a little bit quicker than usual. But any time cut down is good for me, so it's still a bargain!

I got all of these products for £3, just £1 each, which is a total bargain and as they all work really well, I can't complain at all.

Have you tried any of these products before?
Laura x


  1. These look really good, especially the corrector pen!xx

    1. It's great, definitely pick one up if you see one :) It's made painting my nails a lot easier :) x


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