Tuesday, 17 September 2013

HAUL POST - Skin Care.

Today's post is a mini beauty haul featuring a couple of skin care products that I picked up over the weekend. I haven't been spending much money lately, so these were a little bit of a spur of the moment purchase....
The first product is a top up of my beloved 'St Ives Apricot Blemish Fighting Scrub'. I love this scrub so much, it gets rid of my annoying, itchy dry skin, it helps fight off blemishes and it also smells divine. Definitely the best scrub that I have used. Second is a pack of 'Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets'. I've been wanting to try these out for so long, but when I looking in Superdrug and saw that they retailed for around £3, I'm a cheap-skate, I didn't bother. But I found them in Home Bargains for a mere 29p! So, I had to bag a pack. Lastly, I ordered 'Avon's Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask' from the recent brochure. I wanted to try this as I'd used their scrub before and it was amazing. This was also a new product and I liked the concept of it going on black and drying green, I'm quite into quirky things like that. I've yet to try it, but I can't wait to see it at work. A review will most definitely be up asap.

What have you picked up lately? Anything I should try out?
Laura x

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