Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lust List - Beauty Items.

I've been on a teeny bit of a spending ban this weekend. I went out and came back with a pack of cotton pads, as opposed to my usual bag full of goodies. So, I've just been admiring products from afar today, or more specifically on the internet, so I thought since I've not done a Lust List in a while, I'd bob together the items I've been eyeing up....
I own both of Katy Perry's perfumes (Purr & Meow) and so, naturally, I want to own this one too. Her previous perfumes have both had a gorgeous smell to them which last all day. I haven't even sampled this one yet, but if it's like those then I won't be disappointed.

Models Own 'Strawberry Tart' & 'Grape Juice' Nail Polishes
It may shock you to hear this, but I don't actually own any Models Own nail polishes -gasp- I don't see the hype, but when I saw these I couldn't help but give them a quick scratch and have a whiff of their new scented set. They all smell lovely, maybe not the banana one (i'm allergic so naturally I hate them), but my favourite's were these two and if anyone's offering, I will let you buy me them for my birthday...

I've been wanting to try out a coral lipstick for a while now and this looks like a really lovely colour. I've not tried anything from Sleek before, so I think this would be my ideal first product from them.

Also a Sleek pick, I don't own many blushers, but I recently saw this in someone's makeup video on YouTube (maybe Bubz?) and loved how it looked on. I think the price is a bit steep, but it'd be a nice splurge item for when I win the lottery :)

What's on your wishlist this weekend? Bought any bargains?
Laura x


  1. That Sleek lipstick is lush!

    1. It does look gorgeous! Have you tried it? x


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