Thursday, 19 September 2013

WISHLIST - Autumn Clothing.

Autumn is here! When the thought first came into my head that I wanted to post something Autumn-y, I had no idea what to post. So, I wandered over to Tumblr to pass the time and then I decided to put together a little Autumn Clothing Wishlist. 

Stud Peplum Jumper - Asda - £16.00
I love the style of this jumper. As a girl with quite big hips, this kind of style fits me perfectly, plus it's a jumper so it will be warm enough for the cold weather.

Lace Up Crepe Wedges - Asda - £18.00
I've been wanting some of these shoes for absolutely ages and I think I'll finally take the plunge and purchase a pair. They are so lovely and as I'm quite short, the wedges will be perfect.

Samya Black Hooded Belted Coat - New Look - £60.00
I'm quite content with my Asda coat that I bought last year, but I love the look of this one. It's a tiny bit pricey, but it looks like a really nice and cozy belt that will be able to keep the cold air out.

Red & Navy Heart Fairisle Socks - New Look - £1.99
This is weird item to put on a wishlist, but I haven't seen any Winter/Christmas leggings anywhere just yet and these socks look really Christmassy.

Deep Red Mixed Yarn Snood - New Look - £9.99
I don't own a snood, but I think it's time I jumped on the bandwagon. This one is in my favourite Autumn colour and it looks so cozy. It'll definitely look nice with the black coat, don't you think?

I can't wait for Autumn/Winter clothing to start filling the stores. It's my favourite time of year and it's when I can finally feel comfortable wearing layers, hoozah :)

What trends are you looking forward to wearing?
Laura x


  1. Great wishlist! Very cute picks,especially the snood!

    Your blog is so lovely! If you want check out mine,it would make me really happy:)

  2. Hey Laura!

    I've just nominated you for a liebster award! Find out what to do here:

    whilst your over there check out my other posts


  3. Those socks are so cute!

    1. They are, aren't they? I love designs like that :) x


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