Friday, 30 August 2013

Casting Creme Gloss - 454 Chocolate Brownie - Review.

hello lovelies!
Recently, I popped into Superdrug to peruse their hair dye aisle and found the Casting Creme Gloss hair dyes on offer for 2 for a tenner. I've never used this brand before, but I really needed to 'do' my hair, so I picked up two boxes of their shade 454 Chocolate Brownie. It took me a good half hour to decide on this one because I was torn between the entire 'Chocolate Box' collection because they are gorgeous! But 'Chocolate Brownie' won me over....nothing to do with it's name, I promise. *mmmm, brownies*.....

Inside the box you get all the usual things: an information leaflet (not pictured, oops!), parts 1 and 2 (activator and dye), a little bottle of conditioner and the annoying, made-for-giants, gloves.

I bought two boxes of the same shade as I loved the colour on the box (bad Laura!) and as this is a semi-permanent dye, the second box will come in handy for when I need to re-do my hair in a month or so.

The Application:
The process of application was pretty straight forward. The leaflet instructed me to wet my hair but without washing it beforehand and apply vaseline to my hairline and neck area (this prevents any staining from the dye). Using the nozzle on the bottle I separated my hair into sections to ensure an even application and applied the product all over my hair, starting at the mid-lengths and applying it to my roots last (as my roots were much lighter). Once applied evenly, I pinned it up and left it to develop over 20-25 minutes and then washed it out and applied the conditioner, which smelt gorgeous btw, for a further 10 minutes. 

I chose this hair dye because it is semi-permanent meaning it lasts up to 28 washes and will wash out evenly. It also doesn't contain ammonia, so it doesn't have that god-awful stench to it when it's mixed and applied. What it does contain though is Royal Jelly, which helps to leave the hair feeling soft and well nourished afterwards. 

(Excuse the greasy hair)

As you can see my hair has changed quite a bit from this dye, which to me, is a great result. But the picture on the right doesn't really show the colour that my hair actually is. IRL it has more of a red tone to it. My mum said that it depends really on which light I am stood in, when I'm indoors it looks purple, when I'm in the sun it looks red. So, I have a lovely multi-tonal colour, which I'm actually in love with, even though the box is misleading, I love the results and also the condition in which my hair was left afterwards, which was amazing.

Have you tried out this hair dye brand? What do you think?
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