Saturday, 24 August 2013

New Look Dress Lust List #1

Hello lovelies!
I decided to have a look in New Look today to see what bits they had on sale....and found nothing, to be honest. All of the plus sized clothing that were on sale mostly consisted of even though I didn't find anything I liked in the sale, they did have some gorgeous new dresses in. I honestly wish I could buy them all. I didn't used to be dress person, but I love wearing them now, they are so freeing and comfortable. I just wish a magical £100 would appear in my bank account so I could buy these four beauties :)

I absolutely adore these for dresses, they are so pretty!
I'm hoping that my mum has listened to me and might pick one or two up for my birthday next month :)

* As always, these dresses are from New Look's Inspire collection.
Laura x

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