Monday, 19 August 2013

FOTD - My Current Make Up Routine

Hello lovelies!
I have a laptop! Hoooray. It feels so good and a little bit weird to be back online and being able to post again. I haven't taken any product photos lately, but I'm hoping to have some done for some new reviews this week. For now though I'm being sneaky and using my Instagram, so excuse the less-than-professional photos on this post, please :)

So, now that the Summer heat is passing and the weather is getting a bit cooler, I have reverted back to a full face of make-up and a proper foundation (I'd been using Maybelline's BB Cream with Salicylic Acid before). For the past few weeks I have been reaching for these products in particular.....

The foundation that I have been using is L'Oreals True Match in Rose Ivory. I've been a fan of this foundation since I first bought it almost two years ago and it's always been a foundation that I go back to. It's not the best for coverage, but I really like the look it gives to my skin and how natural it looks on.
The concealer that I've been grabbing for is Clinique's Air Brush Concealer in Fair. It's a nice thick concealer that covers up any imperfections and helps to disguise my ungodly dark circles. It's definitely the best concealer I've tried lately and thanks to Dani it's all mine, mwahah.
As someone who struggles with oily skin, a pressed powder is a must have for me. I've been using Natural Collection's Pressed Powder for a year or so and even though it's not got the best staying power it's definitely worth the price and soaks up any excess oil, even if it is temporary.

The mascara that I've absolutely adored and am desperately trying to salvage is Benefit's Bad Gal. It's the best mascara I've tried. It gives my lashes amazing length, curl and makes my eyes stand out with just one coat. Again, thank you Dani :)
Even though it hates me and doesn't want to co-operate with me, I love eyeliner. I love the way that they can make my eyes look bigger or make them become the main feature on my face (any distraction from my nose is good). As a fan of MUA, I picked up their eyeliner in 'Rich Brown', which is a great price and quite a nice product.
My eyebrows are thick and dark as it is (thanks dad!) but they can look a bit weird once my foundation have seeped into them, so I use MUA's Eyebrow pencil in 'Brunette'. It's a great, cheap alternative to an eyebrow kit and works really well on my brows.

To define my cheek bones, I've started used Dainty Doll's blusher in 'Money Talks'. I know that it's supposed to be used as a blusher, but I find it to be too dark for me and it works well as a contour product.
MUA's new blushers are gorgeous. I love them. As always, they are cheap and really nice quality. This particular shade, 'Cupcake', is my absolute favourite. It's a lovely soft pink which adds a really nice bit of colour to my cheeks. Definitely worth the money!

For my lips (not pictured) I've been using Nivea's lip balm to get rid of my cracked lips.

I've been wanting to try out some new products, but I'm determined to use all of these up first before I spend any more money on beauty products. When I do have some spare pennies though.....what would you recommend I try out?

Laura x

(RIP Lee Thompson Young. Such a shame this young man couldn't get help for whatever he was going through. Another great actor lost to the world. We'll always have Rizzoli & Isles)

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