Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Currently I'm....#3

Hello lovelies!
I cannot believe it has been a month (and seven days) since I last blogged a 'Currently I'm....' post. I cannot believe that in three days it will be September, where has this year gone? Anyhoo, on with the post :)

I am now reading a book by a fictional writer; 'Heat Wave' by Richard Castle. I'm just over half way through so far and find it to be exactly like the show (Castle), which is why I think I'm enjoying it so much. It's like reading a script from one of the episodes, except the characters are called different names (I call them by their show names, Raley-Ryan, Ochoa-Esposito...etc). It's good so far...another book to add to my Goodreads challenge.

Nivea's Express Hydration Primer. It is amazing, it's the best product I've tried in ages. I'll have a post up about it soon, so keep a look out if you've been thinking of trying it.

I've been thinking about Christmas a lot lately. I know it might sound weird to some, but I really enjoy the run up to Christmas and enjoy thinking about it. I know that we're just going into September, but I begin my Christmas shopping around this time, so I get that lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling early :)

I did a post the other day about my current crave for New Looks Inspire range dresses. They are all so gorgeous, I keep looking at them online and trying to convince my mum to buy me them, but it's not working.

For the past few weeks I've been obsessed with Castle and have watched four full seasons and am now on season five. Alex and I have just finished watching season six of That 70s Show, so now I've got to wait until my birthday for the last two seasons.

I've reverted back to wearing my jeans. I hate the feel of them on now because I'm so used to wearing dresses and shorts, but with the weather turning I don't think that they're appropriate right now.

Laura x

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