Saturday, 31 August 2013

~*August Favourites*~

Hello lovelies!
I haven't done an -Insert Month Here- post in absolutely ages. I've seen a lot of you guys posting yours these past few days and decided I'd get one put up before we welcome September in tomorrow (and my birthday in 3 weeks).

I know this isn't beauty related, but if you've read my posts these past few weeks, you'll know that I've become quite obsessed with this show and have watched almost all the series within three weeks (OOPS). So, I thought I'd bob it on my favourites list as it's been something I've been grabbing for every morning along with my beauty products

Maccadamia Oil Leave In Cream
This cream is amazing! I can't stress how much I love it. Ever since buying this product my hair has become unbelievably soft and I haven't seen a split end in absolutely ages, which is shocking for my hair, trust me. It's lovely, I can't wait to purchase to full sized bottle of this next.

Clinique Air Brush Concealer
This is a product that I would never have bought for myself (thanks again, Dani!) but I'm so glad that I own it. It is amazing. It's covers up any and every blemish that I get and my dark circles just disappear in one swipe. It's my go-to concealer right now, definitely try it out if you get the chance.

Maybelline's 8-in-1 BB Cream
I don't like BB Creams at all, but this is my only exception to them. It has a light-medium coverage and actually suits my skin tone for once. It also contains Salicylic Acid which is helping to keep my spots and blemishes at bay. Absolutely love this product.

V05 Flake Off Shampoo&Conditioner
I bought this not expecting much, but it's really surprised me and has become a staple in my hair care routine. This is an anti-dandruff shampoo/conditioner and it's a lot like Head & Shoulders in texture/smell, but this actually works. I've had a dry scalp for years and the only thing that worked for me was T-Gel, but at £6 a bottle it was a bit steep. So when I saw this in Asda for £1.50, I picked it up and have been continuing to do so since.

Tea Tree & Peppermint Foot Pack
My family have become obsessed with these things. We all 'suffer' from really dry feet (lovely!) and hard skin around the ball of the foot/heel (glamourous!), so we thought we'd give these a go and they do a nice job of refreshing the feet and softening the skin. I've been using these a few times a week and they're slowly beginning to work. I'm writing a review up for these so if you're interested keep an eye out :)

Rimmel Nail Polishes in 'Instyle Coral' & 'Misty Jade'
I've been wearing these nail polishes a lot over the Summer, they are both lovely colours and the polishes themselves have a really good lasting power on them. They are definitely my favourites at the moment nail-wise.

Nivea Express Hydration Primer
I've been using this for a few weeks and it is incredible. I've tried numerous primers but this one is the best one I've usec. It does a great job at priming my skin for my makeup and it does a great job at making my makeup last longer. Definitely a must have product for me.

I didn't realise how many items I'd chosen for this post and how long this post would be, but if you read it all then thank you so much. I have quite a few products on this list because I'm trying to use everything up before buying new....(a sneaky reason to go shopping tomorrow).

What have you been loving lately?
Laura x

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