Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bargains - A Satchel Bag for £1?!

Hello lovelies!
Like every Sunday, I popped to the local carboot/second hand market with my parents with morning and I usually just walk past most of the stalls because I find them to be the same every week. But today I had a quick nosey at some of the newbies stalls and found my mum some new shoes that looked like ones she'd been eyeing up in Shoe Zone for a brill price of £2 and I found myself a lovely satchel bag for 100 lovely pennies, which everyone knows is a complete bargain!

This is said bag. I wasn't so sure of it when I bought it as the colours aren't really something I'd go for, but it's growing on me. I'm not sure where it is from as the tags been cut out, but I think it's really cute and is big enough to hold my bits and pieces and even a good book. I think this will definitely be getting used this month!

Have you picked up any bargains this weekend?
Laura x

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