Thursday, 11 July 2013

REVIEW | HAIR | Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream.

Hello lovelies!
About two months ago my Mum was talking my ear off and just wouldn't stop talking about these products she had seen on BidTV, she was desperate to buy them, but also desperate to keep her purse full...figures, right? The products she was talking about were the Macadamia Oil Hair Care range. As you might know, these products are a teensy bit on the pricey side. Never in my life have I spent £10 on a shampoo/conditioner combo and these products come in at £20 just for those two items. But....I was intrigued, so I had a look on Fragrance Direct and found this little tube for only £2.99 (the cheapest of them all) and had to buy it (I got my mum one too!)

This is the Nourishing Leave In Cream from the Macadamia range. This is only a 40ml tube, but it's lasted me a few months so far and there's still a bit left in the tube.When I first saw this range, I fell in love with the packaging; the green and brown floral detailing is really eye catching and gives the range a really lovely trademark look. 

This leave in cream is designed to help smooth out your hair, de-tangle it and also help protect it from UV rays from the sun. Sounds good, right? It did do all of these things, but I also noticed that after I had used it and allowed my hair to dry naturally, it made my hair look and feel a lot thicker. It's also made my natural curl go very curly and give me lovely beachy waves, which I wasn't expecting to get from this at all, so bonus! 

The thing that I looooove about this, too, is the smell. It. Is. Gorgeous! It reminds me of strawberry bubble gum that I used to chew when I was younger; it's really lovely and it lingers on the hair for a looooong time after it's dried. It's hard not to smell it every five minutes, it's that nice!

I adore this product. It is lovely and I think after my little tube has run out, I will be saving the pennies up for the full sized bottle because my hair feels so much better after using this. I recently got most of my hair cut off (to the middle of the back) and so far *fingers crossed* I haven't gotten any split ends yet, which is incredible for my hair as it is very temperamental! 

I honestly can't fault this product (maybe the price, but that's not the products fault), it is amazing stuff and I'll recommend you all to go buy it. Now. You won't regret it!
Laura x

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