Tuesday, 30 July 2013

~*~*My Oil-Free Summer Skin Routine*~*~

I planned to write this post a few weeks ago when we had that incredible heatwave hit us, but it got lost in my drafts and I've only just picked it back out. So as I write this now, it's just finished thundering and lightning....big change from the past few weeks! But, it is still incredibly warm, so maybe this post will still be of some help....

I have mentioned a couple of times on Pale Girl that I have a combination of oily (my t-zone area) and dry (my cheeks) skin, so when it's extremely hot outside and I have to actually get dressed and go out in public (hate doing that)...wearing make-up takes a lot more of an effort for me. The heat causes my skin to sweat like crazy, especially around my temple area and on my forehead, so I decided to try out some old products that I had to try and tame the shine and give my face the perfect base to start applying my Summer make-up.

Combined together these three products work to give me an amazing shine free face throughout the day, which is an absolute god send for someone who struggles to keep the oiliness under control. When it is extremely hot outside, wearing make-up becomes more of a chore than a part of the day that I can sit and enjoy doing because I always worry about my foundation running or my mascara smudging before I've even left the house. So I put together my best products to keep me shine free. The 'Shine Control Daily Facial Scrub' kick starts my morning facial routine by gently exfoliating away any oil that has built up overnight. It helps to make my face feel really fresh and clean from excess sebum. To follow up with the Clean & Clear range, I use their 'Shine Control Daily Facial Lotion', which helps to cleanse away any oil left (or make-up in the evening) behind and tighten up my pores. To finish up my morning routine, I apply 'Skin System's Young Skin Matte Finish Moisturiser'. This is a great product for the Summer as it moisturises the face whilst leaving it looking oil free and ready to apply your make-up. When I'm feeling lazy and don't want to apply a primer, this moisturiser works just as well as a base for my make-up routine to commence....

So, if you're struggling to control your oily t-zone during this heat, try out these products as they will help soak up that annoying oil and leave you with lovely make-up for the Summer.

Have you tried out these products? What would you recommend for the Summer?
Laura x

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