Sunday, 14 July 2013

Currently I'm.....#2

Hello lovelies!
About a month or so ago, I did a blog post entitled 'Currently I'm....' which listed off things that I was currently doing, makes sense, right? can read that post here....I thought since it's been a month already I would post a new one; so here we go.

I finished Bobby Singer's Guide To Hunting a few weeks ago, I think it was a really good book and a nice way to give us some more back story on Bobby's character. I'm now reading 'Carved In Flesh', which is another tie in to Supernatural and it is written by Tim Waggoner.

Water....lots and lots of water. Also, the new caffeine free diet Pepsi. Gotta keep hydrated in this horrible weather we've been having.

My George @ Asda Maxi dress. It's a lovely black and white aztec print and it's the only dress I've got that I think actually looks nice on me because it's full length and doesn't just stick to my belly like skater dresses do. So, finally a dress a like!

I'm enjoying watching One Tree Hill and That '70s Show.....still. I'm now on season six of OTH and season three of T7S and I think both shows are amazing. I'm so glad I started watching them.

To move on. I mentioned in my last post that we were having 'issues' with my dads family...well I decided to just move on with my life and not care if they choose to ignore me or not. We're thinking about moving out of this crap little town anyway, so the sooner the better!

With this weather, dresses and shorts are the only option of clothing for me, except going naked, but no one wants to see that now, do they?

Listening to:
I've mostly been listening to Demi Lovato, Kate Voegele and The Killers. I need some new music, any recommendations lovelies?

Laura x

Rest in peace, Cory Monteith
Such a talented guy, gone too soon :'(

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