Sunday, 23 June 2013

Things I've Been Enjoying Lately.

Hello lovelies!
I know I've been a shit bad blogger recently, but I've become quite bored with my blog and I'm not sure why....I think I need to give it a bit of a spruce up and try to rearrange it or something. I've also not had the money to buy some batteries for my camera (aren't Fujifilms annoying?) because they cost nearly £5 for 4 and they last for an hour, if that, so I've not really been able to take any good product review pictures....My iPhone's handy, but the picture quality's not.

For today's post I thought I'd just post a couple of things I've been enjoying. I'll hopefully have some reviews up again soon. Also, remember to pop over to Bloglovin' and follow my little blog over there before GFC gets the boot!

- - Television - -

One Tree Hill. I started watching for the first time about a month and half ago after Laura mentioned it in one of her videos (you're right it IS a good show). I'd thought about watching it before, but never got around to it, so I'm really glad I finally did, it's a great show. I'm only on season four right now and I'm aware my favourites leave in the next few seasons, but I'm enjoying it so far.

That 70's Show. Again a show I planned on watching years ago, but never got around to. Al and I decided to get it out from under my bed and finally watch it. It's a funny show and I love the characters (Fez is my favourite).

- - Movies - -

Man Of Steel. Alex, his dad and I went to see Man Of Steel last week and I quite enjoyed it. I've never seen a Superman film in my entire life, but what little information I had (thanks to one episode of Smallville) got me through the movie without getting lost. I think they did a good job at picking Henry Cavill as Superman, I've got a feeling he'll do better than the guy before him....what was his name?

- - Music - -
I've been out of touch with music a lot lately. I say that I love it, but everything that's current hasn't been my cup of tea for a long time. So, I've mainly been listening to older stuff, with a few new ones mixed in, I especially love:
Let Her Go - Passenger
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Crossfire - Brandon Flowers
Drive All Night - Taylor Swift
Call Me Maybe - Ben Howard
And that's to name a few,  I've also gotten a bit obsessed with Bethany Joy Lenz's 'Halo' from OTH, it's such a good, catchy song.

These are the things I've been really enjoying as of late, they'll probably change next week, but that's just me and my obsessions I suppose.

Laura x


  1. You should definitely invest in some rechargable batteries and a charger! It might cost a tad bit, but its better in the long run :) Nice to hear you enjoyed man of steel! I want to watch it soon hehe.

    Hope everythings okay Laura,
    lots of luuuurve, Char

    1. I never thought to buy rechargeable batteries! Do you know any place that sells them cheapish?

      Man Of Steel was great! A lot better than I thought it would be :)

      I hope you're okay too, lovely :) x

  2. I'm so glad you love One Tree Hill :) Brooke is my fave character :)


    1. Ohhh, I do. I just watched the episode where Peyton tells Lucas she loves him again in season 4...I really like Haley and Michael, but my favourite is probably Peyton or Nathan :)


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