Monday, 3 June 2013

TAG || Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger

Hello lovelies!
Have you all enjoyed the warm weather these past few days, it's been nice hasn't it? Lovely weather for going shopping.....I may have accidentally bought two new dresses and a couple of beauty say I was trying to save my pennies! OOPS.

Anyhoo, the gorgeous Mollie over at Mollie Muses tagged me in a post yesterday,
so here is my 'response' :)

1. How many hours a week do you spend writing/editing posts?
This is probably bad for a blogger to say, but I just write when I feel like it, so it could take me anywhere between ten minutes to an hour. It really depends on what I'm writing about. If it's something I've enjoyed using then it'll take me a while to get that fact across, if it's something I hated then it's short and not-so-sweet.

2. Are you a spender or a saver?
Definitely a bit of both. I always save over half of my fortnightly money and I keep about £20 in my purse in case I want a little beauty buying splurge. But mostly I tend to save for 'a rainy day'.

3. When is it easiest for you to blog?
I tend to blog more when I'm bored, which is typical really. I don't reserve any specific time to blog, I just do it when I'm sat watching The Chase or catching up on this weeks telly. 

4. What makes writing behind a computer easier?
I don't really understand this question....

5. Worst hair/makeup habits?
Like Mollie, I hate going to the hairdressers. It took me a year and half for my last hairdresser visit. My hair was in such bad condition, I'm surprised it's gotten back to good health now. Split ends are my worst enemy! My worst make-up habit is probably not changing my mascara as often as I should. I think 'if it works, I'm keeping it', but I know it should be changed, so that's a bad habit.

6. What is one quote you wish the world could live by?
One that I've found recently and really loved is this one:

7. How long do you spend getting ready every day?
I'm quite lazy and probably get up half an hour before I have to go out, so I can usually be ready, hair/make-up/clothes, within twenty minutes. 

8. What's your favourite video on YouTube?
My favourite videos are by Bubz Beauty. I think she's really inspirational and I love her videos because they're uplifting and very helpful when it comes to make-up and skin care. I don't spend that much time on Youtube any more, but if you've got any recommendations feel free to post them below :)

9. Who is the blogger that you read that deserves more followers than they have?
I'd agree with Mollie and say that all the lesser known bloggers deserve it most. I know popular bloggers have worked hard to get where they are now, but some of them don't put in as much effort any more, so the ones who blog everyday deserve the love. Check out my Blog Roll!

10. How long does it take to prep a post?
Like I said before, it depends on the post. I don't spend much time on writing reviews for things I haven't liked, but I'll spend a bit more time on ones that I have. Posts like this and the 30 Day Challenge post take about ten minutes, so it all depends on the post.

11. What are you currently wearing?
An old grey top from Primark and some shorts from Asda. It's too warm for anything else.

I'm feeling quite lazy, so anyone who's read this, feel free to tag yourself!
Until later! Enjoy the cute puppy picture,
Laura x


  1. I love the quote, that one is going on my Pinterest! We have such similar answers, high five! Haha ;D

    Mollie xo

    1. I thought that as I was reading your answers :) x

  2. I hate going to the hairdressers too! It's been 2 years since I was last there, but I'm honestly traumatised since she cut my hair from bum-length to an actual bob! I cried for weeks...

    Maxine, xx

    1. I definitely understand why you hate going then! I'd have had some choice words for them :)


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