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Review || Sisterhood Everlasting.

Hello lovelies!
I don't think I've ever posted a book review before, so this post is something new for my blog, yay! This year I set myself a challenge to read at least 25 books (originally 50, but I got realistic). I used to read a lot, but it kinda got put on a shelf (see what I did there?) because I didn't have the time. So this challenge was really good way for me to get back into doing something I really love doing...

The first book that I'm going to 'review' is 'Sisterhood Everlasting' by Ann Brashares.
If you're not familiar with Ann Brashares and the Sisterhood book series (or movie series), basically the story revolves around four girls - Bridget, Lena, Carmen & Tibby - they have been friends all their lives and have gone through everything together from first loves, to losing loved ones and of course, growing up.

This book is the final one in the series and is based ten years after the last book was written. In this one all the girls have grown up and gone their separate ways. Bridget, as always, is a free spirit and now lives with Eric in San Francisco. Lena is still into art and now teaches in Rhode Island. Carmen is a famous actress living in New York and Tibby now lives in Australia with Brian.

Not only are the girls living separate lives, they barely even talk to each other anymore, so when Tibby reaches out to them all to meet up in Greece, they all jump at the idea. When they get there, little are they to know that their lives are going to change forever.

This book was something I put off reading for a while because I loved the series so much and I wasn't ready to end the story just yet. But I decided I had to get on with it and finally read it after having it for almost two years! This book made me feel depressed, happy, relieved, sad, happy was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I cried about 4 times reading this and that was only after a couple chapters. I don't think it was the best it could have been, but I enjoyed reading it and getting to know what happened to the girls after the last book/movie.

If you're a fan of the series, definitely read this, you'll be surprised.
Laura x

P.S. I know this is a shoddy review, but I can't really describe it without ruining it.

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