Friday, 14 June 2013

REVIEW | MUA's Blusher in Shade 3.

Hello lovelies!
Up until last year, I never used to wear blushers, I was always worried that I'd end up looking like a clown and not applying it properly. But when MUA brought out their blushers for only £1, I decided to try one out. I was going to go for one with more of a coral tint to it, but the woman in Superdrug recommended more of a pink toned blush for my skin tone. So I ended up with shade 3 of the 4 blushers that were available at the time. (I bought this quite a while back now)

This blusher is really lovely. Like I said above, it's a lovely pink blusher which is very well pigmented, you literally need the smallest amount to get a nice sweep of colour on your cheeks.
I've had this now for about five months now and there's still a lot of the product left, so for a £1, you really can't go wrong. As much as I like this, I can't wait to try out their new blushers, especially 'cupcake' and 'lolly', they look like gorgeous colours!

Here's my attempt at showing the blusher on my cheeks, not a very good photo I know, but you can see the little bit of rosiness that it adds to my face. 
*I realise now that this is a VERY bad application of the blusher and I look silly, but I have learned how to apply it properly now! Thank god!

I'd definitely recommend that you pick a couple up if you haven't tried them yet, they're well worth the money. I love the MUA brand for their products. Even though their prices seem to be jumping up a couple of pounds, I still think that it's work it and I think I'll keep buying as long as they don't get too greedy.
Laura x

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