Wednesday, 19 June 2013

REVIEW | HAIR | GARNIER Olia in 'Light Chocolate'

Hello lovelies!
On Sunday, after oohing and aahing in the mirror for about a week, I decided to dye my hair again. It's been about two months since I last dyed it and after enjoying my experience with the Garnier Olia hair dye, I decided to use the same brand. The first time I used it, I used the shade 'Light Golden Brown' - it didn't take so well, but it left my hair feeling great, so this time (after not being able to find that one) I chose 'Light Chocolate'.
The contents of the box is pretty typical; you get a 'teardrop' shaped bottle, a developer cream, the colourant cream and a tube of conditioner. Taking a picture of them kind of slipped my mind and when I remembered I'd already gotten dye all over them, so it was too late. Oh well.

The first thing I really like about this hair dye is the smell. Even though it is a permanent hair dye, it doesn't contain ammonia and so it doesn't have that awful eye watering smell to it, which makes me like it more than any of the other dyes I have used. It actually smells really lovely and it lingers on the hair a long time after too, which is a bonus. I think this hair dye is amazing and helps to nourish the hair as well as colour it. It left my hair very soft to the touch, manageable enough to brush through and very shiny and healthy looking. As the dye is powered by oil, it leaves my hair feeling amazing and like I've just had a deep conditioner on it.

The process takes about 30-40 minutes depending on how intense you want the colour, I left mine on for the length of an episode of One Tree Hill (42 minutes) and it turned out alright. Not too intense, but it's got a good coverage to it....

Here's the result:

As you can see, it give me a really nice shade and also gave me good coverage, so I was really happy with the results. It's definitely got a look of chocolate to it! I adore this brand just for the conditioned feeling alone, it's definitely a hair brand I'd recommend to you guys :)
Laura x


  1. hey, I really like this colour, but I have never used a permanent hair colour before, so I just wanted to ask you did Olia damage your hair like a regular hair colour or was there any difference at all ?

    1. Hello!
      I've used several hair dyes and Olia is the only one that didn't really damage my hair. With it having conditioning properties in hair dye, it also nourishes it whilst it dyeing. My hair felt really soft and smooth after using. If you don't want the colour in the future, I wouldn't use a permanent dye though as it takes a while to grow out! x

  2. Going to try it today. Wish me luck

  3. When the dye was on did your hair change colour to a purple redy colour

    1. Yes it did. In natural light it was a chesnutty red, in artificial light it look a bit more purple x


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