Saturday, 1 June 2013

PS Beauty || A Post.

I was contacted recently by someone called Anne asking me to take a look at a new website that she & co had recently created. The website is called PS Beauty and offers beauty lovers the chance to get personalised beauty product recommendations. 

The website is really easy to navigate around is very simple to use, simply do the following:
  • Sign up with your email address
  • Select your preferences (skin type, skin tone, etc)
  • Add products that you've tried before
  • Get your personalised recommendations
It's that simple.

It offers you recommendations that aren't biased and with it's beauty tools, it will help save you money by straying you away from products that won't work for you and will make sure to recommend products that are right for you and your skin.

I'm really glad that Anne contacted me because you should know that I struggle with picking out foundations, so this website comes in very handy to help me out.

I'd definitely recommend giving the site a visit, if you're struggling to make a decision then this site will help you out! Check out the site -here-

Until later,
Laura x

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