Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Liebster Award || Number Nine.

Hello lovelies!
I'm back again with yet another Liebster Award nomination. I've had nine of these lovelies since I began my blog last year, so thank you everyone! This particular nomination was by Dani over at Tale Of Beauty Past, I've only just discovered her blog and I love it, so definitely go check it out :)

The Rules!

- You must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you.
You must then pick 11 blogs with under 200 followers to also be nominated for the award. 
You must think up 11 questions for these nominees to answer & also notify them. 
You must link back to the blogger who nominated you for the award. 

Questions by Dani over at Tales Of Beauty Past
1. What is your favourite Mascara? 

- 'Bad Girl' by Benefit has been my go-to mascara for the past few weeks and I absolutely love it, it's better than their 'They're Real' mascara in my opinion.

2. If there was only one brand of make up you had to buy for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 
- Oooh, that's hard because there's some make-up brands that are perfect for most things, like MUA are good for eye palettes and nail polishes, but their foundations are rubbish. I think I'd have to go with L'Oreal or Maybelline.

3. Dyed or natural hair? 
- I wish I had kept my natural hair because it might have been in better condition now, but I do like dyeing my hair. It's nice to switch it up now and again.

4. What is your holy grail Concealer?
 - I don't really have one. I want to try the Collection 2000 one because of all the good reviews it's had, but I'm determined to use up my MUA concealer before I buy a new one.

5. What Foundation coverage do you like to use? 

- I like to use medium to full coverage foundation. I have a lot of acne scars, so I prefer a fuller coverage over them. I'm still to find one that I like though, so any recommendations would be good :)

6. What beauty product do you use everyday? 
- I use my cleanser, toner, moisturiser everyday. I use my foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and lipstick everyday. So....all of them.

7. What brand are your favourite for eye shadows?
- MUA. I don't mind paying £5 for one of their palettes because they're such good quality.

8. Are you a High end lover or more of a Drugstore buyer? 
- Drugstore/high street for sure. I can't justify spending so much money on something you're going to wipe off at the end of the day. I prefer spending £10 on a good foundation and then £10 on other bits and pieces I might need. £20 on one product is ridiculous to me (unless you're a millionaire, of course).

9. Favourite lip product(s)? 
- I love using Nivea's lip balms, they're so lovely. I always carry the pink one with me for a bit of moisture and a tint of colour.

10. What Camera do you use to take photographs for your blog?
- For the past few months, I've had to use my iPhone camera because my camera's being a bit of a knob. But usually I use my Fujifilm S1600. I want a new camera though because that thing is huge and a pain in the arse to carry with you on days out.

11. What made you want to become a beauty blogger? 
- For me, it was Bubz from Bubz Beauty. I got obsessed with watching her videos and reading her blog last year. She just made make-up seem fun and her attitude to life made me feel good after watching her videos, so I'd definitely say she influenced me to become a beauty blogger.

And there are my answers. I would like to nominate:
Char - Hell0imchar
Simone - Foxtrot Inkblot

I have so many blogs that I follow, so these are the only few I could find. Feel free to tag you all in this, I love all you guys' blogs, so I nominate you all!

My Questions To You:
1 - What colour do you really want to dye your hair?
2 - What is your favourite takeaway?
3 - What are your favourite blog posts to read?
4 - What recent movie you've seen would you recommend to me?
5 - What is your favourite foundation? (Do they do it in a porcelain?)
6 - Do you prefer skirts or shorts?
7 - Do you prefer blusher or bronzer?
8 - When did you decide to start a blog?
9 - Do you like zombie films?
10 - Any recent songs you'd recommend to me?
11 - How did you pick your blog name?

Laura x


  1. Hey lovely, I really enjoyed reading this (:

    I have nominated you for the liebster award. I tweeted you yesterday but I thought it would a be safe bet to tell you on here aswell (:

    Ash xx

    1. Thank you! I thought I'd read that, but couldn't find your comment anywhere on my blog, silly me!

      Thanks lovely :) x


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