Friday, 28 June 2013

Last Call || Follow me via Bloglovin'

Hello lovelies!
This is just my last call to you lovely lot to pop over to Bloglovin' to follow Pale Girl Reviews! As far as I know, Google Reader is going on Monday and I've only got 73 of you lovelies following me over on Bloglovin'. I really don't want to lose any of you, so I'd love it if you could just pop over and click follow for me, I'd really appreciate it. I've imported all of you guys' blogs already :)

Bloglovin' have made it pretty easy for you to import them all now. Just log into your account, go to the little arrow next to the search box and click 'import from google reader' and you'll have all your favourite blogs to read via Bloglovin'.

(PRETTY) Please pop over now and follow PGR, I'll give you a cookie ;o)

Follow on Bloglovin

Hopefully I'll have a new review up tomorrow :)
Stay tuned, lovelies!
Laura x

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