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REVIEW | Nivea Visage's Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream.

Hello lovelies!
This post is long overdue! I bought this product about three-ish months ago now and am only just getting around to writing a post about it. Anyhoo, this post is all about Nivea Visage's Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream (could it BE any longer).
A few months ago, I decided to buy a new night cream because the one I was using at the time (Oil of Olay) wasn't working for me, it was too drying and definitely didn't add any moisture to my skin what-so-ever. So, whilst in Asda, I had a look on their skin care aisle and saw this one on sale (I love a bargain!) for £3.00. After reading the box, I decided to give it a go.

The first thing that I appreciated about this product was the packaging, it offered me a heck of a lot of information on the box alone, which was the reason behind me buying it. I loved that everything I needed to know about it was clear and easy to find. Definitely top marks to Nivea for that. The actual cream pot is made of glass (which I quite liked) so be careful when handling it in store, don't want to be paying out damages!

What the box says:
95% of the creams ingredients are all from natural origins:
Argan Oil - 'Our high quality Argan Oil is a natural source of Vitamin E'
Aloe Vera - 'Known for its moisturising properties, our organic Aloe Vera 
hydrates and cares for skin'

It says, when used daily, this cream will 'give you naturally soft, smooth skin', 'support skin regeneration throughout the night' and 'provide intensive 24hr moisturisation', it is also suitable for all skin types.

It's also very caring and doesn't contain anything that might harm your skin:
 NO parabens, NO silicons, NO colourants and NO mineral oils.

What I say:
I think this cream is really nice; the texture isn't too thick, it soaks into the skin fairly quickly and the smell is quite nice too......that's about it though for good points. I expected, what with the Argan Oil and the Aloe Vera, that my skin would feel really hydrated after using it, but sadly it didn't. The cream goes on well and it does make my skin feel nice and smooth, but it didn't give any moisture to my skin at all and when it had dried it actually made my face feel a bit tight. Not something I would expect from a moisturiser, so unfortunately, this product just didn't make the cut for me. I thought with it being 'suitable for all skin types' it would be perfect for my combination skin, but it just didn't seem to want to work for me, which is a bit of a bummer as this product seemed quite perfect.

If you're looking for a new night cream - I'd definitely recommend it. Even though it didn't work out for me, it might work better with your skin. 
Laura x


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