Wednesday, 29 May 2013

REVIEW | Boot's Simple Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover.

Hello lovelies!
I haven't always used a product designed specifically to remove eye make-up, I used to just use a wet cotton pad, but since getting into blogging I've made sure that I have an eye make-up remover in my skin care bag. I've been through a few bottles by different brands, so when my Simple one ran out I wanted to try out a new brand and this is the one I picked up:
The first eye make-up remover that I ever tried out was by Nivea, which I found was very annoying to use, I then tried out Simple's eye make-up remover and found that to work really well and I used that one for almost a year now. Sadly, my little bottle ran out a few weeks ago and I couldn't afford £3 to re-purchase it, so I had a look for Boots own brand and found this:
What It Says:
This Boot's own brand eye make-up remover is specifically formulated to be kind to even the most sensitive skin and contains Aloe Vera to sooth the eye area and prevent any irritation. It is a hypo-allergenic lotion, which contains a blend of light oils to gently sweep away even waterproof mascara! It is also fragrance free, colour free and suitable for all skin types.

What I Say:
I picked this up when it was on sale in Boots thinking that I'd bagged a bargain, but after trying it just the once I wish I hadn't bothered with it. In the bottle this looks just like a micellar water formula, but when squeezed onto a cotton pad you soon realise that it's actually got a very oily consistency to it. I really should have realised it beforehand as it does have a 'blend of oils' in it, but I didn't think it would be as oily as it was, if that makes sense? When I applied it to my eyes it took a good few minutes for the mascara to fully unlatch from my lashes and it left behind a very oily residue, which I had to wash off with water.

Final Say:
Not something I would recommend. As someone with already oily skin, this is a very bad product for me to use and I just really didn't like the formula. I think I'll just save up for the Simple one next time as I know that that actually gets the job done!

Which eye make-up remover would you recommend?
Laura x


  1. It's a shame this hasn't worked out! I tried the ASDA Young Skin one back in February/March time and that was actually really good, I think it was around the £1-1.50 mark so fairly cheap as well. Might be worth a look for you? :)

    Maxine, xx

    1. Ooh, I haven't seen one by them, I'll have a look next time I'm in there. I tried their matte moisturiser before and really like it, so yeah, I'll definitely have a look for it :)


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