Monday, 27 May 2013

Money Supermarket || Worldwide Wardrobe Competition

Today I got nominated by the lovely Mia over at Mia Alice in Wonderland to take part in a competition being run by the folks over at Money Supermarket. (Thank you, Mia!)

The competition has got an amazing prize, something that I haven't had in a while, a nice holiday to one of five destinations! I know, what a prize, right? Now, all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning one of the holidays is; create an outfit for as many of the destinations as you'd like. post them to your blog and then let the guys over at Money Supermarket know. Simple, right? The outfits/destinations to choose from are:

 Full Moon Party in Thailand
Cocktails in New York
 Sightseeing in Paris
 Clubbing in Ibiza
 Shopping in London

Each outfit has a limit of £200 and if your outfit gets chosen as a winner, you get a holiday to the destination your outfit was inspired by! Amazing or what?!

Like Mia, I'm not a clubbing person and Thailand isn't a place that I've ever thought of going to, so I decided to do my outfits for 'Sightseeing In Paris', 'Cocktails In New York' and 'Shopping In London'.

(I chose New Look mainly for these outfits because I'm a plus sized girl and New Look is one of the few places where I can get affordable clothing that I like and will fit)

Skirt - New Look || Cream Shirt - New Look || Denim Jacket - New Look ||
Tan Wedges - New Look || Bag - New Look || Hat - Matalan

I really love when the colours of an outfit go so well together and that's why I chose a pastel-y blue/pink and the neutral beige colour for this outfit. When I think of Paris, I think of pretty clothes and pretty colours and that's the reason I went with this rather girly outfit. Denim seems to be making it's way back into trend and I'm quite glad because I like wearing my old denim jacket and that's why I put one into this outfit. I adore the skirt and the bag, they are both gorgeous. The hat is just a nice added touch to coincide with the shoes and bag.
This entire outfit came to: £100.95

All Items - New Look 

I've dreamt of going to New York since I can remember and I think having cocktails would be a great way of celebrating getting there. With this outfit I wanted something sophisticated whilst being fun and flirty. The red lipstick, I think, helps to break up the navy and add a bit of pop to the whole outfit.
This entire outfit came to: £99.96

Top - New Look || Bag - New Look || Blazer - George
Shorts - George || Boots - New Look

For this outfit I wanted something fashionable yet casual, slightly sophisticated yet comfortable enough to walk around shops all day. Shopping is really fun, but you've got to be dressed right otherwise it can ruin the experience, so I went for a flat boot to give you some foot loving comfort. I decided to add a little bit of red/blue in there to represent LDN TOWN, not too much, just enough to make a mark.
This entire outfit came to: £126.97

And that is my outfits. If you're interested in taking part in this competition you can read all about over at  the Money Supermarket website here.

Travel Supermarket ask that we spread the word and nominate fellow bloggers, so 
I nominate:

The competition closes on June 5th, so get creating your outfits!
Laura x


  1. I love the cherry Coke tee! Printed tees are fab, I need more. :) x

    1. I like them, too! I don't like buttoned tees, so these are like saviours :)

  2. I love this idea!
    Im gonna have a look at this competition i think

    1. Gah, I was going to nominate you and I forgot to.
      Definitely have a look at it, might as well enter it for nothing :)

  3. What an ace post! Love some of the clothes you picked out :) hehe!

    Thank you for nominating me xxxx

    1. Aww, thanks lovely!
      Can't wait to see what you pick :) x

    2. So much on, never find the time to blog! Will get this done tomorrow, just in time haha! xxx


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