Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Barry M Nail Polish Dupes.

Hello lovelies!
If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me post a picture of my nail polish collection and would have seen that I have a fair amount of bottles of the colourful stuff. I was having a look through them all, thinking about putting some on a blog sale and I found that I have quite a few that are dupes of each other....for instance:
Barry M's 284 in Emerald Green || Gallery Color's 440 in Emerald Green
Retails at £2.99 || £1.84 on Ebay
Barry M's 296 in 'Coral' || Primark's Glo Baby Glo
Retails at £2.99 || £1.00 from Primark
Barry M's 302 in Fuchsia || George Princess Pink
Retails at £2.99 || Retails at £1.75

The point of this post was to show off some dupes that I found, but it turned into a 'save yourself a couple of pounds by looking out for dupes of more expensive brands like the ones above' post. I'm not one for over priced polish, so this is a really good idea for anyone like myself wanting to bag a bargain polish.

What are your best dupes?
Laura x


  1. I love dupes posts :) They're really similar, I love George nail varnish I have about 15 of them and want more! I always wait until they're on sale for £1 though lol x

    Stacey| Beautiful Solutions

    1. Me too! I'm really tight when it comes to buying nail polishes, so finding dupes of more expensive brands is amazing.

      I love George's nail polishes too, you can't go wrong for £1 :)


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