Thursday, 25 April 2013

When Annoyed....Blog About It; Mischa Barton.

I decided that I would write something different today after reading something that really annoyed me. I'll start off by saying that I've been a fan of The OC since 2007 when I got a free episode inside of a magazine and I instantly got attached to the show. Being a fan of The OC, I automatically fell in love with the cast too and followed their careers for a while. One of the cast members, who hasn't been in the spotlight for a while, popped up again this past month on TMZ and I was quite surprised when I saw her.

Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper in The OC.

Back in 2003 when The OC first aired, Mischa Barton was only seventeen years old and like a lot of seventeen year old girls in Hollywood, she was slim, tall and very pretty. I remember a lot of magazines saying that she was the star of the show and that she was going to be a great model and yadda yadda, all good compliments. And I agreed, she was so pretty and definitely stole the show most of the time. I was completely jealous of how pretty she was and for quite some time I was obsessed with getting my hair like hers.

Anyway, when she popped up whilst out and about a few weeks ago, I was surprised to read how much the magazines opinions had changed on her.

Obviously being the readers of TMZ, people thought that they just had to make comments, comments that obviously were mostly aimed at her weight. TMZ as always though, don't take the most flattering pictures, do they? Here are the comments that were left on the website:
  • 'Misha, If you want to have job in movies (any movies), ease up on cheeseburgers'.
  • 'its nice to see she kicked that eating disorder she had...might want to take it down a notch though..'
  • 'OMG she's HUGE!!! Disgusting!!!'
Obviously the readers of TMZ are just as vile as the people who run the website....but one human being lady left this comment:

'I am glad she looks much healthier than she has publicly and in a long time. Yes, she is heavier than she was and heavier than Hollywood's twisted ideas of what a young woman should look like, but she looks like a normal person. For her sake, I just hope she is on the road to recovery'.

Yes, it's obvious that Mischa has changed in the five years since The OC ended, but the comments that people are making are just disgusting, rude and quite frankly, uncalled for. I think Mischa looks great and looks a lot healthier than she did ten years ago when she was in the spotlight. To me, she's just an average sized woman getting on with her life. With the struggles and problems that she's had in the past, I'm really happy for her and glad that she conquered her issues. People need to realise that and stop being such arseholes.

I'm a big girl and I know that my size isn't 'accepted' in today's society and that you don't get accepted unless you look a certain way, so good on Mischa for just being herself. People really need to think before they write the nasty comments about people's weight.

I still think that she looks beautiful and could beat out some of today's models any day. Who cares if she's not a size zero anymore, she's not 18 anymore either! So the fact that she seems healthy is what's most important.
Laura x


  1. I loved this post :)
    I used to be a little obsessed with the OC, it was amazing. Misha looks so much more healthier now & I get so annoyed when people make comments about someones weight. Hollywood has a sick idea about how much you should weigh to be beautiful.

    Ash xx

    1. Thank you :)

      Yeah, I know. Hollywood have a sick view on what people should look like, if they took a moment to think about how they think people should be, maybe there wouldn't be so many young girls with eating disorders x

  2. Hollywood have twisted all perceptions of what a healthy weight it. It's so sad that she gets criticised for beating an E.D.
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  


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