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Tag: Books - This or That?

Hello lovelies!
Everyone who reads my blog should know by now that I absolutely love tag posts. I love answering the questions and reading what others have written. It's really interesting and I found this one over on Elle's blog and couldn't resist. It's about books which are an absolute favourite thing of mine, I love curling up in bed and reading a couple of chapters before nodding off, it's really relaxing and a nice way to unwind before bed.

Audio books or book in hand?

I like audiobooks, they're a really nice way of learning a new story without having to read through hundreds of pages of a book. But I prefer the feel of a book in my hands, not much can beat that. 

(Also, who doesn't love smelling a new book?)

Soft or hard cover?

Hardcovers always look nicer on the shelf, but that's about it for me. They're always more expensive than soft covers too and quite heavy to carry around in your bag, so I definitely favour soft covers over hard ones.

Fiction or non-fiction?

I've only ever read three biography books and they were: Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger. I liked reading them, but found myself skipping chapters to get to the bits I was interested in reading about. Fiction has always been a favourite of mine, it lets me escape for a while from life and it's just a really nice way of  using my imagination and creativity, so I definitely favour fiction over non-fiction.

Fantasy word or real-life issues?

I like real life issues in books, so that there's something for me to relate to and get me more engaged into the story. But fantasy has always been my favourite kind of read. It's really interesting to read the words of someone's imagination and build up an image of your own.

Harry Potter or Twilight?
I love Harry Potter. Alex calls me a nerd for liking it so much, but I really adore it, books and all. Saying that though, I've only actually read the books from The Prisoner of Azkaban onwards, which I  think I did because I'd seen the first two movies and wanted to read the other books before I saw the rest of the films. 
As for Twilight, when they first came out I loved the books, I couldn't put them down, but now looking back I think 'WTF was I thinking?' They are so terribly written and corny,  I just can't imagine myself re-reading them in the future.

Kindle, iPad or other?
I own neither. I did get bought a tablet for Christmas, but I couldn't get into it, I didn't like the feel of it. My mum wanted to get me a kindle, but I said 'no thanks' because I prefer having physical copies. Saying that though, I do have too many books right now and might need to get rid of some. Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind and get a kindle for Christmas, it'll save me a lot of bedroom space.

Borrow or buy?
I've decided this year that if I want to read a book I will first go to the library and see if they have it. If I end up liking the book then I might buy my own copy, if not, I've saved on my pennies.

Book store or by online?
I used to buy from Waterstones and WHSmith, but there prices are ridiculous. Amazon and have become my favourite places to buy books from now. They are so much cheaper and I don't have to leave the house :)

Standalone or series?
I like books that have the same characters in them, so that we can follow their lives through the series and see them grow and change as 'people'. Standalone books are really nice to read too, they're great for exploring different characters and discovering new stories.

Monster read or short and sweet?
I don't like books with hundreds of pages. I find myself tiring of the story as I read it because it seems like I'm not getting anywhere within the book. I read quite slow, so 600 paged books would take me forever. I like books that have a minimum of around 300-400 pages, at least then I know I will finish it within a week or so.

Starry eyed romance or full of action?
A bit of both is always good in a book. I'm not for books that are just mushy and all about someone being in  love (Twilight), I like books that show love being real and how sometimes its not so mushy and it's not so easy. I also love action in books, it gets me wanting to keep reading and carry on the book when my eyes are saying 'go to sleeep, Laura'.

Curl up in your snuggie or lay in the sun?
Lay in the sun? In England? Pahahaha, yeah because that will happen. 
No, I prefer to read in bed before I go to sleep or read in the car during long car journeys.

Hot chocolate or latte?
I like hot chocolate, but I always end up wasting it because it takes forever to cool down. I can't stand coffee, it's disgusting. As I'm a big pop drinker, you'd probably find me with a can of coke in my hand.

Read the review or decide for yourself?
I check out the positive reviews to see what's so good about a book, but I never get put off by what other people have written in the negatives. Everyone's taste is different, so I like to check something out for myself and build my own opinion on it.

Aaaah, I love tag posts! Especially when they're about books or music!
If you do this tag - let me know - I'd love to read your answers :)

Laura x

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  1. 'new book smell' one of the best things ever! Love reading your answers, totally relate to you on the kindle question, i love books! xo


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