Saturday, 6 April 2013

Step Away From The Straighteners: Update.

Hello lovelies!
If you remember back to this post I told you guys that I had decided to do the 30 Day Heat Challenge and keep away from my hair straighteners. Well, it's been two months now and I've really enjoyed not messing around with styling it or using my hair dryer, it's been a nice break from worrying about taking them all to my boyfriend's house too. 
I can't say that i've not that much of a difference in my hair, which is a shame (it might work better for you guys though, my hair has been rubbish for a few years now).

Here is my hair now:
It looks shiny and tad bit healthier, but it's hardly improved since I started the challenge, it still feels wirey, it's flat and it's still full of split ends - which I know need to be taken off by the hairdressers, so I'm planning to get an appointment soon. I wouldn't exactly say this challenge has done my hair a world of good, but it was nice having a little break from it all. I'm still taking my multi-vitamins and I'm going to continue to deep condition once a week and hopefully my hair won't get any worse than it is. I may use my straighteners/dryer on occasion now, but as I've enjoyed the freedom away from stylers, I think I might not take them out too much.

What are your best tips for healthier hair?
Laura x


  1. i've been using the organix argan oil on my hair and holy crap it's freaking amazing. my hair feels so soft it makes it feel about a thousand times healthier than even some high end oils i've tried

    1. I've seen it in Boots and I'm really tempted to purchase it, I'll go have a look on Fragrance Direct and see if they have it cheaper :) x

  2. Maybe you could try a couple of different hair oils or hair masks to soften your hair. And make sure you do book that hair appointment and have a good inch at least taken off it will really make a difference having those split ends chopped off.

    Years ago I used to straighten my hair, every day, and I didn't use a heat protector or anything similar. My hair was in a bad way and I just stopped using a hair dryer, stopped using straighteners and curling tongs etc. It took ages but it finally got back to normal and started looking nice and healthy again. Still now, I only use heat on occasions.

    1. I've been using an Argan Oil that I picked up from Home Bargains and it seals my split ends really well, but it's not really improving anything else.

      I'm definitely going to book that appointment :) x

  3. Its a shame you haven't noticed much of a difference but I think a lot of damage is unrepairable after years of colouring,styling etc.

    My hair was in a pretty bad state too I used to change the colour all the time and straighten it every day. But now I barely touch it other than drying it, but always use a protective spray! I also changed the shampoo/conditioner that I used, and noticed a massive difference. Its also started to grow quicker too :)

    I use the complete John Frieda Full Repair Hair Range, you should give it a go. I reviewed some of them here -

    I no longer use the Deep conditioner masque, but I still use the shampoo, conditioner, serum and also the Heat Activated Styler spray... they are a little expensive, but you can always get them on offer, and they are totally worth it! Done my hair the world of good :)

    Laura's All Made Up ♥

    1. Thanks, lovely. I've had a gander at John Frieda range before, but like you said, my pennies couldn't stretch that far.
      I might have a look on Fragrance Direct for some offers :) x


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