Saturday, 27 April 2013

Spring Polish Picks!

Hello lovelies!
Spring has sprung....or it's supposed to have. Outside today, it's currently blasting with sun whilst tricklets of rain are chasing each other down the windows. It's safe to say, we're experiencing some weird weather this month. Anyhoo, to try and brighten up my mood, I had a look through my nail polish collection and found a couple of colours that I think will be great for the, here are my Spring Polish Picks.

I don't have any swatch wheels, but you can see the colour quite clearly in the bottle. I love all of these colours, they are so pretty and really cheap (the OPI one was a gift).
I adore all of these colours they're so bright and actually quite summery, I think they'll all look fab with my new dresses when the weather decides to warm up a little bit. I can't get enough of the Asda polishes, they are so blumming cheap and such a gorgeous range of colours. If you're thinking of buying some new nail polishes definitely check out Asda first. Cheaper polishes = more polishes!

What are your Spring faves?
Laura x

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