Monday, 29 April 2013

Laura's Favourite Cancelled Shows.

Hello lovelies!
The other day, after finishing up watching the newest episode of The Carrie Diaries on Cucirca, I had a look at the other tv shows that you can watch on their site and noticed quite a few that I think deserved longer lives than they got....

I've been a loyal fan of Roswell since it first aired in the UK back in 2001 and still to this day think it deserved more than the three seasons that it got. Even though I think the last episode was an amazing ending to the show, I believe a lot could have still been told through a few more seasons. I just don't think it got the recognition that it should have back then. I think the timing was just wrong for this show, had it been released now, I think it would have done a lot better.
Here's to hoping we get a movie made sooner rather than later.

Again, I was a fan of Kyle XY from the start when it first aired on BBC2. Although the show was very confusing from the start, that's what I liked about it, that's what kept me wanting to keep watching to find out the answers. The love between the Trager family was also a big pull for me, they were a great TV family to watch and grow to love. Who knows? One day we might get a proper end to this amazing show.

Thanks to seeing Shiri Appleby in Roswell & Kerr Smith in Dawson's Creek, I was drawn towards this show. Although the story started out really obvious and you knew how it was going to unfold, it was still nice to watch. The actors were all amazing and made you believe everything that was happening. I still have most of season two of LUX to watch, but the last episode was perfect. It still deserved better than it got though.

Lastly, I've followed most of SMG's career since she left Sunnydale and the Ringer was no exception. This show confused the crap out of me, but again, that's what kept me going back for more. I would have loved to have seen the story unfold further than the only season that it got, but as with all good tv got buried long before it got a chance to breathe.

I don't understand American networks, I really don't. They seem to keep absolute rubbish shows like Jersey Shore going for season upon season, but anything good and they tend to scrap it before they've even get started. It's annoying. *sigh*

What's your favourite show that's been cancelled?
Laura x


  1. I wish Ringer had returned for a couple more seasons! xxx

    1. So do I! I was just getting into it and it got cancelled, so annoying x

  2. Roswell is one of my all time faves. I still watch it from time to time on DVD... and wish there would be more than just three seasons.

    I'm so glad I stumbled over your blog, following you now.
    Have a nice day lovely ^-^
    xoxo Jenny

    1. Oh, me too. I tried getting my boyfriend to watch it with me, but it didn't like it. It's a great show. I loved the ending though :)

      Thanks so much lovely :) x

  3. I was so upset when they cancelled Angel. I loved that show, along with Buffy of corse. Jade xxx

    1. I wasn't too much of a fan of Angel, I enjoyed the first season, but the rest didn't appeal to me. Buffy is definitely one of my favourite shows ever :)


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