Wednesday, 10 April 2013

If I Was A Rich Girl 002

Hello lovelies!
How's everyone's day going? I had to go to my opticians for some new lenses, sadly I had to leave my glasses with them and I am now walking around with very blurred vision. Not good. But I managed to write this post up last night.
The next part of my 'If I Was A Rich Girl' posts features a collection of hair products that I've been eyeing up for a loooong time. With my hair being the way that it is, I always keep a look out for products that could increase the health of my hair and give it some volume at the same time. Here are the things that I'm really crushing on.

Bumble & Bumble's Thickening Set || Tangle Teezer || Enrapture's Totem Styler & Amplify Jumbo Waver || Macadamia Hair Oil Set

I've heard lots of good things about the Bumble and Bumble hair products, but I could never justify paying upwards of £40 on a shampoo, conditioner and a serum. No way. But I can wish, right?
The tangle tweezer has been on my list for ages now, but at £10 for essentially a hair brush, I can't spend that much on it and not feel really guilty. I heard that Primark had a version of their own, but I can't fin d it anyway, anyone know if they're still stocking them?
Enrapture's Totem Styler has been in my head for months now, everyone's raved about it and said it's amazing and the Jumbo Waver looks just as amazing as the Totem Styler. But again, sticking to my whole 'If I Was A Rich Girl' theme, I couldn't bring myself to shell out just short of £100 for hair stylers :(
The Macadamia Hair Oil set was put onto me by my mum, who saw it on the BidTV channel. It's supposed to be one of the best hair oil sets made,  but at $50.00, I just can't....

So,  there you go. If I win the lottery this week, I'll be picking all of these up. If not, they will remain on my blog as a reminder!

What would be on your list?
Laura x


  1. I just bought Bb's Texture Hair (un)dressing creme for $14 for the travel-size tube. My hair is so fine and it needed a little somethin' somethin'. I loved it and highly recommend. I have yet to try their shampoos or conditioners, but I always check them out while I'm in Sephora. One day, Creme de Coco will be mine!

    1. Ill definitely have to have a look at that one then, I've never tried anything by them, so I think it's time I did :) x

  2. Sorry to keep commenting on your blog recently! but I found this cheaper version tangle teezer earlier, I'm considering buying it :) xxx

    1. Haha, no problem, feel free to comment away :)

      This looks fab, definitely the cheapest I've seen x


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