Monday, 8 April 2013

If I Was A Rich Girl 001

(Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na)

Hello lovelies!
My original idea for this post was going to a start of a spending ban, but I realised that there's no point in my doing that as I barely spend anything anyway. So instead I came up with a new idea entitled: 'If I Was A Rich Girl', which will showcase the things that I would buy if I had all the money in the world. I don't mean a car and a mansion, I just mean normal everyday things like clothing, make-up and skin care products. Nothing flashy, just something along the lines of a Weekend Wishlist.
To start of this new feature, here are some clothes that I wouldn't mind popping into my (non-existent) wardrobe!

Pink & Blue dress - New Look Inspire || Skirt - Asda || Wedges & Sandals - Asda

Even though I said that I don't usually spend a lot, this week I made an exception and decided to get a little bit more prepared for the off chance that Britain actually gets a hot Summer. Last year when it got really hot, I had one pair of shorts to my name and the rest were just jeans. This year I decided that I'm going to wear dresses more and I went out and bought two dresses from Primark and a gorgeous dress from Asda, so I'm now fully prepared for a hello from Mr. Sunshine.
All of the things I picked today (above) are things I've seen around this week. I really love the style of the dresses from New Look and the colours of these two are gorgeous. I've been in love with the skirt for weeks now, it's just buying it that's annoying me because I can't justify spending £12 on one skirt right now. The wedges are gorgeous, I'm not a heel person and prefer wedges a lot more than I do heels and these look like something I could walk in! The gladiator-esque sandals are something I wanted last year, but the stores selling them always had super high prices because they knew people would buy them. So, hopefully this time around, I might be able to save and pick some up!

Laura x

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  1. I love these dresses.... and the black shoes are adorable.
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