Saturday, 16 March 2013

Weekend Wishlist.

Hello lovelies!
I have seen SO many things that I want to buy this week, it's insane. Everything has been calling my name and i've had to put things down and just...walk away. But, I can still want them, can't I? So, here is my current wishlist:

Tangled DVD - I love Disney films, they're so heart warming and bring back lovely childhood memories. I've been wanting to see Tangled since it came out, it looks like such a cute film.

Lovedrobe Blue Drop Pocket Tunic (New Look) - I love the design of this top, it looks like a vest, but it's actually a tunic (ooooh!)

Inspire Navy Shirred Maxi Skirt (New Look) - I've been wanting a maxi skirt since last year and I bought one from Primark, but it didn't fit right and looked awful. As this one is designed for fuller figures, I thought it would suit me a lot better.

Two Guys & A Girl Season Four - I love this show! I waited years for it to be released onto DVD and finally, I own the first three seasons, i've just to buy the last one. Definitely check it out if you haven't already.

Dainty Doll Lipstick in Baby Love - I've been wanting a nude lipstick for ages and since i've become a huge fan of the Dainty Doll brand, I thought this lipstick would be perfect. It's a lovely pink toned nude which I think would look nice with my skin tone.

What have you been checking out lately?
Laura x

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