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REVIEW | Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll Blushers.

 Hello lovelies!
As almost all bbloggers know, Nicola Roberts' make-up collection 'Dainty Doll' has been making the rounds on discount make-up websites and has been selling for as little as 99p. I've always wanted to try her collection because it was designed specifically for pale skinned girls and being a Casper impersonator myself, I thought it would be a perfect match for me.
The first thing that I thought when I saw them was how incredibly cute the packaging is. I've never seen any make-up packaging with this much effort put into (with the exception of Soap & Glory), so this was a nice little treat. I had the choice of four different shades of blushers and whether to get it in a powder or a cream. I decided on powder as I've never used a cream blusher before and the shades that I eventually decided on were 'My Girl' & 'Money Talks'.
The packaging of the actual compact is very sleek and incredible simple, but manages to pull of being really pretty and elegant. Definitely a brilliant design, one of the best that I've seen. The compact opens up to reveal the lovely blusher and a nice little mirror, which again, is a brilliant added touch to the design and is there for any touch ups throughout the day.
Left: My Girl. Right: Money Talks.
The 'My Girl' blusher is a lovely candy pink colour and very well pigmented. I applied this with my blusher brush and looked like a circus clown from just a little bit of powder. I applied it again using my finger and blended it out and it look gorgeous. It gives a really smooth finish and blends flawlessly into the skin. With only a little bit needed these will last me ages.
The 'Money Talks' blusher is a lovely neutral bronze brown colour, I didn't think that it was as pigmented as the 'My Girl' blusher though, which I actually prefer as I am pale and this is a bit more of a bronzer than a blusher and it wouldn't have looked too well on me if it was. It blends really well and gives a nice contoured look when applied to the cheeks. 
Both blushers have a slight shimmer to them, which I didn't really notice until I got a really good up close look in the mirror. They're not too shimmery though, so they still give a lovely natural look if you're not into shimmery blushers, don't be put off.
I couldn't get a good snap of them on my face, so these will have to do. On the left are the blushers in natural light and on the right are the blushers with the camera flash.  As you can see they're really lovely colours and go really well with my pale skin tone.

I'd definitely recommend these to any girls wanting to try out the Dainty Doll brand. They are really lovely blushers AND they contain skin loving ingredients too, which include Vitamin A & E and also it's ripe with anti-oxidants, so for once, you're putting something good onto your skin (yay!) I think these blushers are brilliant all round, definitely have a look on Fragrance Direct or Amazon before they all sell out. They're definitely worth a try.

What have you picked up from the Dainty Doll range?
Laura x


  1. I bought the mineral foundation, click concealer, normal concealer and a lipstick. so far Im not too impressed- i need to have a proper play with them before i review them but so far Im not jumping for joy unfortunately!

    1. I know me neither. I bought the liquid foundation thinking that it'd be better than the mineral one, but it just makes my face look oily. I don't know, I expected a lot more, especially as they were asking £22 for it :/

  2. I've just bought three of these from fragrance direct! I'm excited to try them as I'm very pale, I'm most excited about the bronze colour I've ordered :) nice honest review! I'm now following! Feel free to check out my blog too! Also I'm on YouTube - lucyhelen89 :) would love to stay in touch!

  3. Lovely review! Nice and honest :) I've picked myself up three of the blushes from fragrance direct and I'm excited to use the bronze one as I'm pale but want a bronzer I can get away with! Great blog and I'm now following! Feel free to check out my blog too, I'd love to stay in touch! Lucy x

    1. Thank you, lovely :)
      They are really nice on...I'm thinking of giving the cream blushers a go soon x


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