Thursday, 21 March 2013

REVIEW | Astor Perfect Stay Lip Tint & Care.

Hello lovelies!
I've become a big fan of Fragrance Direct this past month and have had a cheeky purchase now and again. One of those purchases included my first ever lip tint pen. (I actually bought two, but I'm going to do the reviews separately). The lip tint in question is Astor's Perfect Stay 'Transfer Proof Lip Tint & Care' in the shade 302 'Noisette'.
Having never owned a lip pen I was unsure what to expect, but I was pleasantly 
surprised how easy these are to use. I love the felt tip like application style. (I was always
 an art nerd at school, so it's like being 7 again) It's definitely become my go to for a splash of lip colour. Lipsticks and glosses don't like me.
The nib allows for an easy application. It allows me to do a simple outline of my lips and then 'colour' in the rest. Much easier then a lipstick & it saves on lip liner! The shade that I chose 'Noisette' is a deep red, brown colour. I decided on this colour as I never wear anything dark on my lips, so I went for something a little more daring and I actually really like it.
The pen also comes with a lovely lip balm on the end, which can be used with or without the lip tint. The packaging suggests that you apply the lip tint onto dry and oil free lips and the lip balm can be added if you want that extra shine. The transfer proof aspect wasn't really a 'turn on' for me, as I never expect make up to last all day, but this, again, really surprised me. I applied this about 11am and by 4 it was still in place. The balm had worn off, but the lip tint was still there and the same as it was at 11 when I applied. So, it definitely impressed me, for a change.
Sorry for my paleness, but this is what it looks like on. It's really
lovely, isn't it? Probably not the best for my skin tone, but I love it anyway :)

You can pick these up at Fragrance Direct for £2.99
Laura x

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  1. Already follow you and was googling reviews for this product cause I just bought 4 myself, they're actually 99p now on fragrance direct! I cant wait to get them now theyre so cheap and all the reviews seem to be great :D

    love from a fellow pale girl also named Laura x


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