Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Passion For Fashion 2: Competition Entry.

Hello lovelies!
If you lovelies can remember, last year Money Supermarket ran a competition called Passion for Fashion where bloggers could create their own outfits for a chance to win some prizes. 
I really enjoyed taking part in the competition and this year Money Supermarket have decided to run another competition, Passion for Fashion 2. The concept is the same as last years, but this time includes the outfits: Party Wear, Casual Wear & Holiday Wear. I love putting together outfits, so I've probably enjoyed doing this a little too much :)
For all the details and to take part pop over to Money Supermarket's website.

I've been lusting over a Rolling Stones vest for weeks, so I thought that I would put one into my 'Casual Wear' outfit because it's something that I myself would wear. I teamed it with a denim skater skirt and some black wedge boots to add the rocker edge to it. The bracelets were just an added touch that I thought brought the outfit together and...who doesn't need a bag when out and about?

For 'Holiday Wear' outfit I decided to go with the nautical look that was big last year. I didn't embrace the look last year, so I decided to take the inspiration from last year for this outfit. As it's a holiday outfit, I thought 'oooh, sand, beach, warmth' and that lead me to choosing this gorgeous tube dress. I love the print on the dress, it is so pretty and the belt adds a lovely touch to it. I teamed it up some sandy coloured, simple sandals and some more nautical inspired accessories, also sunglasses are a definite for sunny days out.

GRAND TOTAL: £138.95
For the 'Party Wear' outfit I decided to go along the lines of this seasons trend, monochrome, but with a twist. Instead of the black and white, I softened it out with a cream and black with a neutral touch of the brown bracelets. The lace dress looks really girly and feminine, whilst the biker jacket adds a bit of edge to it. I also added the necklace to add a bold statement to the outfit.

So that's my outfits - I know there will be better ones out there from girls who actually know a thing about fashion, but like I always do, I just went with what I liked.

I hope you like my outfits and I'd love to see what you guys come up with,
so leave me your links if you decide to do your own entry :)
Laura x


  1. lovely post, i really like the casual look, practical and cute!



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