Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New beauty buys: HAUL Post!

Hello lovelies!
This past month I've made a rather nice amount of money by selling off unwanted stuff on ebay, so this week I decided to do what any beauty loving girl would do and spend it. I decided to treat myself and went on a little splurge, I mostly picked up a few new make-up bits and some new daily essentials, nothing too expensive, I like spreading the cost :)

Simple's Kind to Eyes - Eye Make-up Remover
I bought this because my Nivea one was really annoying me. It's a lovely product, but I'm just too lazy to stand shaking it up for five minutes, so I decided to buy a Simple one for a change.

Pampered's Shower Smoothie
I was looking for a body scrub as my skin's a bit on the dry side and with Summer (hopefully) headed our way, I wanted to get my skin in tip top shape. I found this one in the £ shop and since it has vanilla, coconut and almond in it, which 2/3 of are my favourite all time smells, I decided to get this one.

Dove's Hair Minimising Roll On Deodorant
I've just finished up my Nivea roll on and desperately needed a new one and since I love the brand Dove I went with this one. It smells gorgeous and claims to help minimise underarm hair!
Oil of Aloe Vitamin E Creme
I bought this thinking that it was a moisturiser, when in fact it's a moisturising cleanser, doh! But I've used it a couple times now and it's really lovely and leaves my skin soft and clean.

Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation 003
Everyone (& I mean everyone) seems to be picking these up lately & I can't blame them! I've been wanting to try Dainty Doll products since they came out but could never justify spending that much on make-up, but with the recent prices I couldn't resist. (Review soon!)

Super+ BB
I bought this after seeing it on Bubz's list of the best BB creams and decided to give it a go. I bought this from ebay and it took a few weeks to get here from China and it's not in the best condition, so I don't really know whether the product is what it is or if it's gone off....

Balance's Rejuvenating Day Cream
I really wanted to try out a new moisturiser as mine was getting boring, so I picked this one up from Home Bargains. I've used it a couple times now and it's been really nice, it's not greasy and doesn't leave my face looking oily, yay!

Revlon Lip Glide & 2 x Astor's Lip Tint Pens
I bought these because I really want to make more of an effort on my lips this year. I usually leave my lips bare, but I want to add some colour this year hence my purchasing these.

2 x Dainty Doll Blushers - 002 My Girl & 003 Money Talks
Again, I've always wanted to try these out and for the price, I couldn't leave them. They're both really lovely colours and really well pigmented. (Review soon!)

And there we go! It feels good to have a little splurge now and then,
what have you been loving lately? Any recommendations for my next splurge?

Laura x


  1. Lovely post :)
    Where did you get the dainty doll foundation from? I have been looking for it everywhere. :)

    Ash xx

    1. Thank you :)

      I got mine from ebay for about £6, they did have it on fragrance direct, i'm sure if it's sold out or not though x

  2. I just ordered a large amount of dainty doll makeup off amazon, theyre going for £3- £5 ! great haul btw :) x

    1. I think Amazon's the only place that I haven't checked. I'll go have a look now :)

  3. Seems like you have bought some great products! xo

    1. I hope so, they were rather cheap, so I'm hoping the quality isn't crappy :)

  4. I'm looking at buying the Dainty Doll foundation but I don't know if I would need medium or dark :/

    1. Well, I'm really pale, but I saw on another blog that the girl had got the palest (which I would have done) and it was very white and too pale for her. So I went for the medium and it's perfect. Not that i'm a professional or anything, but keep in mind they were designed for pale skin, so the darkest won't be too pale :) x

  5. Great haul! I always love beauty related ones :) the dainty doll products look so cute aww! :) xxx

    1. Aww, thanks hun :)

      The packaging is really cute, it's just a shame the actual products packaging doesn't have the image on it too :/

  6. Ooh Ive never heard of Dainty Doll! I have pale skin so Im interested in trying that now.. the scrub looks yummy too!

    1. You should definitely try it out. Amazon seem to selling them really cheap :) x


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