Sunday, 10 March 2013

Most Played iPod Tunes #1.

Hello lovelies!
I don't have anything scheduled for posting this week as I've been quite lazy this weekend, but I did take some pictures ready to get uploaded and tagged onto a post, so that will get done sometime this week. So, I decided to do something different. 

Music. Everyone enjoys music. I, myself, am a massive music fan and I can't go a day without listening to some form of music. It's got me through some rubbish times in my life and also, given me some good memories. So, I put together a list of my most played songs on my iPod. I have quite weird taste when it comes to music, the variety of music I listen to very muddled. I can like anything Miley Cyrus to AC/, here we go :)

'Flesh and Bone' - The Killers; 
'I've gone through life white-knuckled
In the moments that left me behind'.
This album is the most played thing on my iPod, mostly because Alex is a big fan of their music and we listen to it during car rides, also because i've actually become a big fan of them myself. Their music is amazing <3

'Better Than I Know Myself' - Adam Lambert; 
'I get kind of dark, let it go too far,
I can be obnoxious at times, but try and see my heart'.
I love Adam Lambert's music, he's one of my favourite artists. The lyrics to this song are amazing and so close to my own heart. It's a beautiful song.

'Monster' - Paramore;
'I'm only human, I've got a skeleton in me'.
I've been a fan of Paramore since I first heard 'Misery Business' and this song is just an example of how amazing this band is and how music of a brilliant writer Hayley/the band is.

What's your most listened to songs?
Laura x


  1. I have been a massive fan of both The Killers and Paramore for years and these are amazing songs!

    Also, I am having a small giveaway and would LOVE for you to enter here


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